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Justice League Action

Justice League youth t shirt Motion is an animated collection based on the DC Comics’ superhero group of the same identify. The series is produced by Jim Krieg, Butch Lukic, and Alan Burnett and it made its debut on Cartoon Community UK on November 26, 2016 and on Cartoon Network US on December 16, 2016.

The sequence features the adventures of Superman, Batman, Surprise Woman and rotating members of the Justice League.

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Confirmed CastEdit
Kevin Conroy – Batman/Bruce Wayne
Jason J. Lewis – Superman/Clark Kent, General Zod, Desaad, Carmine Falcone, Krypto, Streaky
Rachel Kimsey – Surprise Woman/Diana Prince, Bleez
Mark Hamill – Joker, Black_Widow Swamp Thing/Dr. Alec Holland
Diedrich Bader – Booster Gold/Michael Jon Carter
James Woods – Lex Luthor
Carl Reiner -Shazam (wizard)
Brent Spiner – Riddler/Edward Nygma
Josh Keaton – Green Lantern/Hal Jordan
P. J. Byrne – Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm
Patton Oswalt – House Cabby
Khary Payton – Cyborg/Victor Stone
Dana Snyder – Plastic Man/Patrick O’Brian
John de Lancie – Brainiac
Sean Astin – Shazam/Billy Batson
Ken Jeong – Toyman/Hiro Okamura
Armin Shimerman – Zilius Zox
Michael Dorn – Atrocitus
Gilbert Gottfried – Mr. Mxyzptlk
Hannibal Buress – Mr. Terrific/Michael Holt
John DiMaggio – Lobo, Mongul
Lacey Chabert – Zatanna Zatara
Damian O’Hare – John Constantine
Joanne Spracklen – Supergirl/Kara Zor-El
Fred Tatasciore – Solomon Grundy
Gary Cole – Black Adam
Tara Strong – Harley Quinn/Harleen Quinzel, Ember
Patrick Seitz – Etrigan
Charlie Schlatter – Flash/Barry Allen
Chris Diamantopoulos – Green Arrow/Oliver Queen
Cloris Leachman – Granny Goodness
Oliver Vaquer – Mr. Thoughts
Max Mittelman – Parasite/Rudy Jones, Jimmy Olsen, Damian Wayne/Robin
Jake T. Austin – Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes
Andy Richter – Chronos
Stephen Tobolowsky – Professor Martin Stein / Firestorm
Laura Publish – Big Barda, Circe
Troy Baker – Hawkman / Katar Hol
– Hynden Walch – Physician Gentle youth t shirt / Kimiyo Hoshi
Crispin Freeman – Martian Manhunter / J’onn J’onzz
– Satan Lady
– Star Sapphire/Carol Ferris

Peter Jessop – Steppenwolf
William Salyers – Virman Vunderbar
Mena Suvari – Killer Frost/Caitlin Snow
– – Killer Croc/Waylon Jones
Peter Stormare – Mr. Freeze/Dr. Victor Fries
Jon Cryer – Felix Faust
Noel Fisher – Klarion the Witch Boy
Julianne Grossman – Hippolyta
Jasika Nicole – Vixen
Natalie Lander – Courtney Whitmore / Stargirl
Fryda Wolff – Faora
Natasha Leggero – Poison Ivy / Dr. Pamela Isley
– – Black Canary / Dinah Lance

House Media ReleaseEdit
– Justice League Motion: Season 1: Part 1 shall be launched October tenth 2017 on DVD in the USA and will include youth t shirt 26 episodes.

Every Episode Is eleven Minutes Long.
Total No.

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