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The Dreaded Flash Intro Web page

Considered one of the most important internet design dislikes is the Flash intro web page additionally known because the ‘Flash Splash’ page. This web page is usually the first thing you see when you click on a link or sort in an online address and is also the most annoying. The Flash intro page is not common with the usability and accessibility communities both.

There is nothing worse than waiting for a web page to load and being confronted with issues which shoot across the display screen, play tinny music or try to be amusing (when they’re not!) especially when you’re in hurry. You sit there drumming your fingers whilst waiting for the web page to load and thinking of a thousand different things you could possibly be doing. And what happens…..you get fed up of waiting and leave earlier than the site has absolutely loaded.

The problem of the Flash intro web page
So, what is it about this little bit of multimedia wizardry which drives visitors up the wall The principle problem with the intro web page is that it takes too long to load and distracts the person from the important side – the content material. And the content material is the most important function of any web site.

Passive internet
The appearance of Web 2.0 with its emphasis on consumer generated content material, social media and interaction has turned our experience of the internet from a passive state to active engagement.

But the Flash intro web page negates all of that by forcing the visitor to take a seat and watch an undesirable animation yoda shirt size matters not nevertheless revolutionary it’s. Until there may be an choice to skip this they’ve to wait until this had finished before accessing the content and the rest of the positioning.

Other Flash intro problems
In almost all instances, a Flash intro web page doesn’t add any value to a web site and generally is a tedious and boring custom batgirl t-shirt affair. Plus it’s dangerous news for anyone with a disability who makes use of assistive technology, e.g. a screen reader to view an internet site. A Flash intro page means ‘no can do’ and excludes them from utilizing the website which then ruins their experience.

The Splash page causes problems for the various search engines and is yoda shirt size matters not a large turn off for visitors. When you have an internet site with one of these irritants and have wondered why your conversion rates have dropped then this may very well be the rationale why….

And don’t assume that having ‘skip intro’ on this splash web page will get round the issue because unfortunately it doesn’t. It does enable guests to access your content more quickly than if there have been no option present. However, they nonetheless distract the customer from their main function which is to achieve their aim using your website, e.g. shopping for a product.

Give the Flash intro page the boot
You want your visitors to have a satisfying consumer expertise in addition to boosting your conversion rates so eliminate this web page altogether. yoda shirt size matters not If your visitors need to spend longer attempting to reach the essential stuff in your site then they are less probably to take action. So, get rid.

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