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Everlasting Straight Hair

Are you attempting to get permanent straight hair Nicely, get yourself a blow dryer that can work at 1300 watts at the very least. A round brush (corresponding to your hair length), a detangling comb, hair care products and hair clips are what you would require for this process.

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First, wash your hair after which situation it. Be sure that you wig protective style employ merchandise which might be meant for hair straightening. Additionally this may assist protect your hair from the excessive temperatures at which the straightening is finished. Don’t dry vigorously. Gently dry your hair with a towel. Then use the detangling comb to take away the knots. Now apply a hair straightening product and comb your hair from root to the tip in order that the gel/spray is unfold evenly. Some ladies even prefer to gently blow dry their hair to take away excess water earlier than starting the straightening process.

Now separate your hair into manageable sections utilizing hair clips so that you’ve got lesser hair to work with at a time. There isn’t a mounted variety of sections to divide your hair into, simply guantee that a majority of it is out of the way in which. Now, using the spherical brush, comb your hair from the roots to wig protective style the tips whereas blow drying it at the identical time. Ensure to tug your hair away out of your head whereas blow drying it and focus only on the part that’s entangled within the brush. Work on each part individually and ensure to dry the hair utterly as any dampness left in your hair will result in frizzing later. After drying every part of hair, blast a wave of cool air at your hair with the blow dryer. This once more helps prevent frizzing. If you aren’t utilizing a flat iron then apply just a little finishing product on your hair to seal the hair cuticles in place. You should utilize the identical product you initially used or buy a different one.

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