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Interacial Hair Care..Assist

What are the perfect products (including varieties of hair brushes) to use for an interacial (african american/white) girls hair She has very thick hair which appears to be damaged to me because her mother has been putting chemical relaxers in her hair and she is just 10. Her hair additionally gets matted (from not caring for it correctly). Any advise would be great. My boyfreind has no clue, and I have never seen a child with matted (not tangled) hair. Her mother appearantly has no clue as well. We are going to take her to an african amercan stylist soon, but want to know what t do in the meantime.

20pcs 50g Straight Tape In Hair Extensions #8 Light BrownUse shampoo and conditioner for dry/broken hair. After washing, apply a moisturizer to the hair. Pink oil moisturizer is very good, but it’s also possible to use coconut oil, which comes in a jar, and is solid at room tempurature.

Don’t use brushes at all, unless a stylist exhibits you the way and for a selected hairdo. Use wide toothed combs Solely. When combing out the hair, start at the tips and work in small sections. Be very patient! It’s so easy to hurt their little heads! If it is truly matted, it may be crucial to cut it off, however do try to comb it out first. Use plenty of hair oil, or even a bit of olive oil.

Once you have it combed out, wash it gently, without a lot of rubbing, use plenty of conditioner, and only pat and gently squeeze with the towel. Apply hair oil and comb it out again.

Don’t wash it too typically. Her hair should solely need washing as soon as per week. Have her sleep together with her hair braided or wrapped in a scarf to stop rubbing on her pillow, which is able to tangle it badly.

Good luck, and thanks for loving this little girl.
Sit conditioner on the hair for 20 min. comb out slowly, then shampoo. Condition after that (once more), rince.! spay on curl activater and pink hair lotion %26amp; comb. hair must be extra managable. At all times use tons or conditioner. good luck.

earlier than doing something i’d say wash and deep situation the hair. feel free to use shampoo and situation from wal mart or target, i do and i’m african american. with the condition go away it in for what type of hair for havana twists no less than 20 minutes you might need a leave in situation to use after the deep conditioner. after that her hair ought to be softer, if still matted what type of hair for havana twists strive utilizing child/youngster spray in detangler.

then put her hair into sections and decorate with gadgets if she is to not grown up
good luck..ahead any questions on process i will probably be pleased to walk you through

Want a large tooth comb, a pure bristle brush. Must situation it, and a detangler. Strive Simply four Me merchandise for little women till you get her to the salon. Don’t apply any extra chemicals to her hair.

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