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Earlier than YOU DO Something TO YOUR MATTED HAIR!!!!

Hi there to you, you god sent lovely girls. I found not only hope along with your blog, but also the feeling that I am not alone as I hoped. I found you by looking up how to take away large matted knotted hair. I googled and YouTube it. I saw some very attention-grabbing things. I was brutally assaulted in August of 2014. It was right before school started and I was emotionally unstable at the time stuffing from a broken coronary heart, amongst different issues! That devastation from having that happened to me when it was never imagined to, and could have been prevented if my buddy I was with would have appeared out and drove me residence. I used to be intoxicated on the time and told him to drop me off at evening at a bar. In opposition to my better judgement I was off into the evening. Needed to dule in dilute my pain I made bad decisions and i got hurt badly. Afterwards I’d let myself go due to the pain and depression. I tried to hack college but really couldn’t. I had to take only 2 classes then next semester would find myself out. I needed a break. I needed to heal. I would just put on my lace front and front.and go! I instructed myself I’d get through it. Although arduous with a lower going from my eyebrow up that required stitches. I was so brokenly devastated!! I mean how could this happen Why did this happen So as result my hair was being done. I wasn’t and could not take care of it. I left it in four braids below my wig. When I would come house I might take the hair off and tie a scarf on my head if I could find it. The kitchen didn’t get cleaned, barely. The bathroom acquired cleaned barely, but its only me. My dog got walked barely. And she would watch me very closely. My career. My complete life was disrupted with the devil’s demonds on the attack in my second of weakness. They wanted to destroy my life. But they can’t! what is remy short for My God is an effective and merciful God! The lower in my eyebrow, thank God not my eye. Remains to be healing and you’ll barely see it. I used to be using kolecote on it day and night. I also used dwelling cures like honey and coconut oil and vitamin E. I started going to counseling. I advised myself I need to get myself back together! I stated to myself I better come out my hair before it will get dreaded. It was what is remy short for very dry and stuck together. I was able to comb out the first braided part but it was hard. I felt I needed to soften it earlier than doing the remainder and I was mad drained. The following few days or so when I was capable of get back to it, I was doing to many things at the same dam time. I was making a concoction of conditioner and i ended up putting too much water within the bottle. Being as to me not washing my hair in all these months that appear to only fly by! That water was feeling so good I saved going with the sensation and did not notice that this is too much wetting! And when your hair it all tangled.. Water is a no! No! Too much water anyway. So as I sit here typing this on my cellphone. My hair all 3 of the rest of the sides are matted knots! I believe I even fell asleep that evening considering I might get to it tomorrow.. Lol..I must giggle because I really Dont need this s!*.. But I think you in your site and recommendation. I have been doing just a little. I’m sitting below the drier right now too. I did not have quilting pins or even know what they are apart from guessing from the name. Lol. But will try if I can. I do have an old sew weave needle I been using because of a video I saw on YouTube. It appears to work however dam this is a protracted gradual process. But I must and I will untangle my hair if its the last thing I do! Summer season is right around the corner! The devil will not when. We most pray and check out to grasp that the satan is busy! He seeks to destroy! Consider me I know. But I will let you realize my progress. I all on my own so I don’t have anybody to assist me. My hair received in a bad matted Knott’s before when I used to be in highschool and my mama was alive then and it toke time, however she got it all out! I love you momie! She passed away in 2012. Life has been really arduous these past several months.

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