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Read concerning the several types of wig, whether you can get one by means of your health service and tips on how you can wear them.

Before you make a decision a couple of wig, it’d assist to grasp the differences between the kinds of wigs that can be found.

Wigs can be man made (synthetic) or real (human hair) wigs. Or you can get wigs which might be made of a mix of man made and human hair.

As a substitute of wigs, you can buy fringes or hairpieces that can be fixed to a hat or head scarf.
Man made (synthetic) wigs

Synthetic wigs are loads cheaper than real hair wigs. They can cost anyplace between £50 and £200.

Most synthetic wigs come ready to wear in a wide variety of kinds, lengths and colours. You don’t must style them and they won’t get damaged in the rain.

You’ll be able to usually get your wig quite wavy hairstyle ideas quickly after having your fitting.
Synthetic wigs could be washed in cold water and so they normally last between 6 and 9 months.

Test the manufacturer’s information before you expose your synthetic wig to direct heat. Hair dryers and electric styling tools, such as hair straighteners or curling wands can melt the fibres and make the hair frizz. You might be able to find some man made wigs that you can use heat on. Or use your dryer or straighteners on a cooler setting.

Real (human hair) wigs
Real hair wigs are much dearer than synthetic ones. The exact cost depends upon where you buy the wig and its style and length. Prices vary anywhere from £200 to £2000 for a top of the range, custom made wig.

Real hair wigs final between 3 and four years which is much longer than synthetic ones. Some people desire to have a real hair wig despite the associated fee. They think it offers them a more natural look and they are often easier to type than artificial wigs.

You possibly can arrange to have your fitting before, or soon after your remedy begins. This fashion it might be ready when your hair begins to fall out.

It is worth bearing in mind that it will probably take about 2 months if you’re having a custom wig made.
Some real hair wigs have to be styled and set by a hairdresser. You might need to buy two wigs so that you always have one to wear if your wig needs to be professionally cleaned.

Your wig stylist can tell you if your wig can be washed at house.
There are a wide range of wigs available for different ages, hair colours and ethnic groups. There are also wigs and headwear for men, although these are a bit more difficult to find.

Speak to your specialist nurse or wig fitter for those who can’t discover what you want. They might be able to point you in the appropriate path.

Getting a wig by way of your health service or the NHS
Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

You can get a wig for free through the NHS if you live in Wales and Scotland. Wigs are additionally offered free of charge by means of the Health and Social Care companies in you live in Northern Ireland.

In England man made (synthetic) wigs are free of charge on the NHS if:

you have your remedy as an inpatient (that means you keep in hospital overnight)
you might be below 16 years outdated, or between 16 and 19 years old and in full time education
you or your partner are getting Universal Credit, Income Assist, Earnings based mostly Jobseeker’s Allowance or the guarantee credit of Pension Credit
you may have an NHS tax credit exemption certificate
you are named on a sound ‘help with health costs’ (HC2) certificate

Human hair wigs aren’t normally free on the NHS in England unless considered one of the following applies to you:

you are allergic to synthetic wigs
you could have a skin condition that shall be made worse by an synthetic wig

If you’re entitled to a brand new wig, the NHS will provide you with a new one every 6 months. There is no such thing as a nationwide limit on the number of wigs the NHS can supply you with. But individual hospitals could set their very own limits.

Help towards the cost of a wig
You might still be capable of get some help towards the price of a wig in case you are on a low revenue however don’t qualify for a free wig.

This is defined in the Department of Health leaflet known as ‘Are you entitled to help with health costs ‘ (HC11). The leaflet is accessible at submit workplaces or from your hospital.

You apply for this help on kind HC1. If you are entitled to help, you will receive either:
a full help Certificate HC2 (you won’t need to pay for your wig)
a limited help certificate HC3 (chances are you’ll get some help with the cost of a wig)

Buying a wig by means of the NHS
You will have to pay for a wig if you are an outpatient and don’t otherwise qualify for a free wig. Being an outpatient means you attend hospital but don’t stay in overnight.

Buying an artificial wig on the NHS prices wherever between £50 and £200 relying on the type of wig you want.

Speak to your hospital social worker or clinical nurse specialist if you’re still not sure what you are entitled to. They’ll be sure that you’re getting the financial assist you ought to be.

The Department of Health leaflet called Costs and optical voucher values (HC12) has details about how much NHS wigs cost.

Visit the NHS Choices website for more information
Different charities might be ready to give financial help in direction of the cost of a wig.

Macmillan Cancer Assist give one off grants to people with cancer for a variety of issues, together with heating bills, extra clothes and wigs. You want to apply via a health or social care professional, comparable to a district nurse or social worker.

Find out more about Macmillan grants
Shopping for a wig privately

You would possibly decide to buy your wig privately.
You should purchase it:

from a wig provider similar to a division retailer
straight from a wig producer
from a specialist wig retailer

Many locations have a non-public room the place you may have your fitting. Don’t be afraid to ask if there may be a non-public room if you cannot see one.

Some firms will come to your private home to suit wigs. The fitting and styling value is often included in the value of the wig, but it’s all the time finest to examine.

It could take longer if in case you have a wig made for you and you would possibly need 2 or 3 fittings.
You don’t should pay VAT (Value Added Tax) on wigs which can be purchased for hair loss attributable to cancer remedy. But you could fill in a VAT kind at the time you buy your wig. Be sure to ask the supplier for this kind, because you can’t declare the VAT back later.

Where to get wigs, hats and scarves
Choosing and fitting your wig

The nurses will organise a wig fitter to come and visit you on the ward if you’re an inpatient and you are getting a wig on the NHS. Many hospitals will organise a wig fitter if you are an outpatient, however it could not happen all over the place. Ask about wig companies in your hospital.

Your wig fitter will allow you to decide on a mode and color that you’re happy with. Seeing the wig fitter may be upsetting for some folks. It could be the first time you think about dropping your hair.

Wig specialists are very sensitive to this and will try to make the fitting as straightforward as potential for you. Crucial factor is that you don’t rush things and you get a wig that you feel suits you.

You might want to choose your wig before your hair begins to fall out. This way, it is a lot easier for the wig specialist to match your actual hair type and color. It also offers you a bit of time to get used to the idea of wearing a wig. If you happen to try wigs on when you still have hair, remember that you would possibly need a smaller measurement in order that it fits when you have got lost all your hair. Ask the wig fitter for advice about this. Or you can choose a wig that adjusts to head size.

Some people discover that their complexion changes slightly once they begin remedy. Predicting what colour wig may suit you later on is difficult to do. But this could be something to bear in mind when choosing a wig. The wig fitter will be able to provide you with some advice about which colour to choose.

Don’t be afraid to ask if there may be a non-public room if you can’t see one.
Many people find it helps to carry along a relative or good buddy to their wig fitting. They’ll help you thru this robust time as well as assist you select a wig that suits you best.

Think about the following when choosing a wig.
You may choose a wig that is most like your authentic hair colour and elegance. Or you can go for something completely different.
Your hairdresser or wig specialist can cut or model a selected wig to go well with you.
Shopping for a costlier wig doesn’t guarantee it is going to look more real. Some less expensive ones can look very real.

Tips for wearing a wig
For the first few days or weeks it would feel very unusual to wear a wig. Some folks never get used to a wig and feel more comfortable without it. Others say that they forget they have their wig on. You won’t know until you try it.

Always check that you’ve got the wig on the fitting manner around as it is simple to put them on backwards.
You can get sticky (adhesive) pads along with your wig to stop it slipping if all of your hair has fallen out. Some individuals say sporting these pads makes the wig feel extra secure and helps them feel more confident.

Whoever supplies your wig ought wavy hairstyle ideas to give you instructions about find out how to wear it and care for it. Follow these directions fastidiously.

When can I stop carrying my wig
This is up to you. It could take a bit of time for you to feel confident enough to exit with out your wig.

You might feel ready to stop carrying it before your hair gets back to your pre remedy length. A shorter look might suit you and give you a new picture.

Some people say it is a relief to eliminate the wig and really feel like themselves once more. Others may need more time.

Be form to yourself and don’t expect too much. You may have been through loads up to now few months and needed to deal with many adjustments in your life. So go at your own tempo.

Other ways to cover your head
You may not want to wear a wig, or put on one on a regular basis. You could strive differnt technique to cover your head equivalent to hats, scarves, beanies or stretchy tubes.

Read about other ways to cover you head
Other body hair

Most cancers treatments may cause other body hair to skinny or to utterly fall out. This includes your eyelashes and eyebrows.

You need to use make up to help disguise these effects.
See our tips about skin care and make up

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