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Has Anyone Bleached Their Hair White Blonde

Has anybody bleached their hair white blonde
I am occupied with doing mine but i wasn’t sure whether i should do it myself or go to the hairdressers.

Please assist.
Synthetic Wigs Long Wavy Hair Brown Color With Free Gift Wig Capive dont it myself, infact i just did my roots yesterday so step one would be choosing a bleach equipment, i personally use feria extra bleach blond and i’ve medium brown hair, if u have darker hair u wont get the identical results, my sister uses the same product and her hair turns yellow and she has black hair. ok so there is no guarentee u will not wreck ur hair, what works for me will not nessicarily work for u ok so ust understand that u might wreck ur hair temporarily if u do this, so u might want to go to a beauty supply store and get a hilift bleach powder, u can ask which one will go the lightest and u need a developer as effectively, use a scalp on one not scalp off since ur doing it at residence and u dont wish to fry ur hair AND ur scalp if using professional products, if u use a bleach off the shelf just use as directed, u may need to go over the ends twice, just wait 2 weeks in between so theres less chance of breakage. http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o181/.. this is my hair after i bleached it the first time, i then bleached it a second time, avoiding the roots, doing the bottom first because it was darker. then i waited a week and toned it with a light beige blond dye by feria, u can use what ever color u want (just do not use ash blond) a violet toned blond would look nice and make it more platinum and be aquired at a beauty supply store as well. i combined mine with shampoo to make it much less harsh to even lessen the chance of breakage, waiting a week is essential, waiting 2 weeks would be better! a long time ago i only waited 2 days and some of my hair broke off righ beneath the roots, just be patient, belief me. right after i dye or waterfall braid hairstyles for prom bleach my hair i take advantage of a mix of kapx reconstructor by joico and light blue shade conditoner which is a rich deep violet toned conditoner and it works awesome, i depart it on for about 5 minutes, if im in the shower i put a shower cap on, if not i just pile my hair on high of my head. additionally what helps eliminate yellow residue is violet shampoos and conditioners, theyre usually advertized for silver/ grey hair. i dont suggest the pantene shampoo, its very drying, the conditioner is good tho, light blue shade is good, silver brights is ok. good luck 🙂 oh ya heres a pic of me now http://i120.photobucket.com/albums/o181/..

I achieved it a few years ago. it actually ruins your hair and you need to keep ontop of your roots all the time. Dont get it

i say if your going to do it, get it carried out profesionally, though i wouldnt. it’s a must to do it again every half a month or three weeks otherwise you will get terrible regrowth.

the other thing is it’s very pricey. my sister bought it achieved (and she has hair above her shoulders) – almost $200 !!!

i say no, but your opinion is the one that matters most !

~It will depend on a whole lot of different things. How darkish your hair is, how gentle you need to go, and so forth.
Positively go to a salon. If you don’t have much money, you’ll be able to go to a beauty college.

You should have to keep going back for touch ups. I myself wouldn’t do it.~
I will say i did it myself and burnt most of my hair,I had to go to the magnificence salon and get it dyed again,believe me you’ll be sorry for those who do it,your hair is like straw afterwards,you can buy all the salon merchandise you want and nothing will work,you will have Lifeless hair.There may be nothing out there that can repair Useless hair.Good Luck.

i am a hairstylist , so i would recommend that you do not attempt it yourself , you wont get white blonde hair from a box because the components in the store purchased stuff isnt strong sufficient, your hair can turn orange , and you’ll have to get it fastened by a stylist . additionally, you will must pay more for corrective colour !

I don’t reccommend EVER bleaching your individual hair, especially to a white level. Once you attain white, you may have normally stripped your cuticle layer off your hair, which suggests it will never hold ANY colour over prime, and normally has an excessive amount of breakage. Many people who do that at house find yourself coming into the salon for a “corrective colour”, which normally runs at about $one hundred fifty per hour. Or, worse but, it means a really quick hair minimize.

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