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The way to Type A Box Braid Top Bun

One way to take care of your hair’s health in the course of the chilly, harsh winter months is with a protecting fashion like box braids. A method like this can last from 4 to six weeks, which is perfect as a result of you will not need to take them out. A twist on a braided high bun, this off-middle type with a pop of purple is unexpected and edgy. An amazing pair of hoops to accessorize with will not be required, however they’re going to look rattling good with your cool-girl bun.

1. Part off the hair at the nape of the neck and apply gel. Using the center of your ear as a guide, make a horizontal half to the other ear. Then divide that part into three subsections water fall hairstyle and use an edge control gel by Creme of Nature to easy hairs.

2. Add in extensions. Attach a medium-sized amount of hair extensions (with non-obligatory added color) to your hair and braid from the basis all the way down to the tip. Tip: Using pre-stretched extensions makes the method quicker and easier.

3. Create one other half and divide into subsections. Within the form of a semicircle from left temple going across the again of the pinnacle, make one other half. Divide the hair into sub sections to match the dimensions of the braids in the again.

4. Repeat Steps 2 and three till you have got a full head of field braids.
5. Seal the ends of your hair. Dip the ends into boiling water to prevent the hair from unraveling and to make the braids more versatile.

6. Create a ponytail. Loosely collect your field braids, pulling them up and off to the left. Use a couple of braids from the middle to secure the hair into a ponytail by wrapping them around the bottom.

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7. Create and secure your high bun. Take all of the braids in your ponytail, and wrap them using a circular movement to create the bun. Tuck the ends of the hair underneath the bun to safe it – no pins crucial!

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