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Better Than We Deserve

This tag is for six completely random facts about ME that most individuals have no idea. I used to be tagged by CB2 on the hyperlink
(which I highly suggest- wonderful life affirming tales sprinkled with honesty and sarcasm. MMMMMM- my favorite)Here we go:

1- I think my teeth are too short. I have enormous issues with this, and feel secret tooth envy anytime I meet somebody with lengthy entrance teeth.

2- I can learn How the Grinch Stole Christmas with cadence, accents, voices and conviction. I’ve all the time wished I might be a narrative time teller on the library- or higher yet- Timpanogas Story Telling Festival- which I’ve never really been to, however I’m fairly positive I might be superior in the event that they let me take the stage.

3-I dance whereas I do the dishes with my Ipod on. I have some candy strikes, and again in my dancing days was informed many a time I could bust it within the Soul virgin remy hair Room. I relive this coolness typically. Mike doesn’t respect it.

4-I hate the feeling of unpolluted towels that haven’t been properly softened. There is something concerning the crunchy feeling of the towel on the sting of my fingertips that makes me crazy. We undergo Downy AND Bounce sheets like they’re going out of type.

5-I like to learn the bottles of all the things around me within the tub. I love the descriptions, the promises, the scents, and if I can determine the English to French translation by the way in which a phrase seems to be I’ll even attempt to say it to myself. All this enjoyable whereas soaking in the tub.. virgin remy hair it is best to attempt it.

6- I feel actually grossed out after i see 70’s movie and photos. I’m unsure why- the bizarre orange tint, the greens and browns in every single place, the beards and lengthy hair, the greasy pores and skin, the look of the artificial fabrics.. all of it makes me queasy, and that i kid you not, I can not eat if there may be something 70’s on Television. I may need therapy for that one.

NOW I’m tagging Tiff in Blue, Shannon, Annette, Christy, Ashley, Teresa and Kristina. Like Cb2 I tagged 7- so if one in every of you does not do it the others might catch your fall.

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