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Curly Hair Kinds/cuts

Why would people make fun of you You are fortunate to have curly hair, it makes you particular from all your mates. Put on your hair down, don’t be ashamed!

i have always wished for my hair to be curly again and my needs have never come true. be glad your hair is curly, you can straighten it however i might depart it alone. your mates shouldn’t be frightened about your hair, they must be more concerned over other things.


AND NO Once more!!
of course not, otherwise they arent actually your folks

wear it down! put some mouse/gel in it- perhaps loreal and youll look lovely!
if your mates treat you differently because of your damn hair than that is messed up discover new friends.

Straighten it, if it seems silly you leanred you lesson, if it appears to be like good extra energy to you.
hey dont b shy present wat u hav received. dont strive b somethin ur not.

be Daring and do what you think seems to be good 🙂
Get over it and do what you need. They’re buddies proper You do not all the time need to be good to your mates however you must be honest. If they don’t prefer it what of it

Flaunt the fact that you’re distinctive, the one curly haired woman in a gaggle of boring straight haired ladies – If something they’re going to be jealous.

How cares what they suppose. Curly hair is significantly better and they are likely jealous of you.
Curly hair is cute. You ought to be happy that you’re totally different from your mates.

The secret’s to be confident in your self. and you will stand out more. When you’re confident of who you’re. Your mates would would possibly even consider to have curly hair like yours.

be your self! I’ve curly hair too, and felt the identical method.. however years later I come to seek out out that every one of my friends envied MY hair!!! If you wish to put on it straight, get an enormous barreled curling iron or a flat iron 🙂

I used to have this same concern. Simply do it and a few people will probably touch upon it.. however greater than possible they may say that they prefer it. When you do it a couple of times you get used to it.. and then it can all be like normal.

If your folks make enjoyable of you, they arnt buddies! And who cares what different folks suppose. And if it actually bugs you that a lot, straten it. You need to use a stratener or go to a professinall and have the permantly straiten it.

Anyone who makes fun of you for having curly hair as a substitute of straight is fairly pathetic.
Hon, its ok. Simply put on it down. Everyone has curly hair.

down there V
do what you need! i’m certain that you’re very pretty, hair up or down. if your friends are really your firends they won’t types of hair extensions make fun of you.

I am unable to really say if anyone would make fun of you. I don’t know individuals that you just go round with, however in the event you think that your folks would make enjoyable of you..then they’re not really your pals. You would all the time purchase a hair straightner in case you have been that frightened.

Embrace your beauty, when you settle for your self you’ll have a different outlook in your entire model typically. what you do together with your hair amongst different issues is all about you, not about your pals. in the event that they tease you, shut them up. you do it to your self, not for them. at least i hope so

any good friend that will deal with you totally different bc of your freakin hairstyle is a loser, and Undoubtedly shouldn’t be thought-about a pal by you. give it some thought.

Stop worrying about your peers and do what you want together with your hair! The reality is, they’re most likely envious since you might have curly hair and theirs is straight. That’s just the way life is. Be who you’re and you will at all times have the last laugh when somebody picks on you.

I’d simply be myself and put on my hair down. My hair isnt naturally straight both however i nonetheless put on it down and no one treats me different. Belief my..simply be your self!

Hope that this helps too much!

why they know u have curly hair. moreover an actual pal will deal with u properly no matter hairtype.
Your a pariah and an outcast. Everybody is aware of curly-haired persons are..”totally different’ than types of hair extensions straight haired ones. Begone oh evil and strange one.

Really..what do you give a damn what you pals suppose In the event that they provide you with grief over it then I suppose they don’t seem to be superb pals..are they

Do what you need! Your pals are more likely to be jealous of your fabulously curly hair than anything else.

Okay, so to begin with you want to construct your confidence. Remember once we have been little youngsters and play with one thing have been we needed to assemble Such as block, legos, clay. Properly, it is the same thing with your self-esteem. Alright, so now to your hair, I have a buddy by which she has super, super, culy hair and didn’t care what different folks may, do, say, or act. So she wore it down. It regarded good as a result of she put mouse and stuff. Try to make it neat, And have fun, if they chuckle they are not real associates sweetheart. Make your self one among a form.=)

nicely if all ur mates have straight hair then u will b more noticeable and i like curly hair better anyway..

A whole lot of ladies would love to have naturally curly hair. If folks make enjoyable of you because of your hair then they’re the silly ones! Put some gel in it and go away it down or get a straightener and straighten it in the future. Your hair shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Good luck!

Why would they make fun of you If they do they aren’t true associates to be mocking you cause of your curly hair.You might be fortunate to have curly hair.I might love my hair to be curly and i guess they might 2.If you happen to really want your hair to be straight save up and buy a hair straightner.(just don’t use it a lot in case you burn your hair)

Lace Frontal Closure Deepwave 13x4 Free Part Virgin Inidan Weave Natural BlackMy best good friend has extremely curly hair..and it is stunning when she wears it down, I want I had curly hair. However if you wish to strive a brand new look, you possibly can always flat iron it, you will probably need someone that can assist you. If your hair is extraordinarily curly it may take some time to do, I have flat ironed my buddies hair and it takes about an hour, it seems pretty, but I like her hair best curly.

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