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E3 2017: Arkham City’s Catwoman Is Smoking Sizzling

Confident women inspire me. And watching Catwoman strut across the Batman: Arkham Metropolis E3 demo was a sight to behold.

I mean, have a look at her.
I have no problems with Bruce Wayne — he’s a hero, he helps individuals, blah blah blah blah, yay Batman. However let’s face it — Batman isn’t the turbo kid game type of man you’d need to have hanging around at a celebration. He’s broody, he’s pretty stiff, and is sort of an total downer. I assume that is what the stress of saving the world does to you.

Catwoman, then again, is fluid and sexy, slinking her way across the rooftops. She’s sarcastic and funny, and does turbo kid game mean tips with Men’s Cotton characterArt lexLuthor turbo kid game DCSF Short Sleeve Tee Shirt that whip. She’d even be an awesome occasion guest (although you’d need to examine your valuables afterward).