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Prime 10 Most Collected

There’s no doubt that Marvel Comics characters toddler girl swim shirts are the world’s hottest.
Listed below are the highest Marvel Comedian superheroes, and the comics it is best to look ahead to.

Detailed Comedian E book Price Guides

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Listed below are links to every Marvel value information we have revealed. These take you to a new web page on our site, with an in depth breakdown of values.

Guide to 1970s Marvel Price Variants
Click considered one of the value boxes below to see our separate articles on these uncommon points.

#1: The Wonderful Spider-Man
Leading the pack of Marvel superheroes is Spider-Man. With the unique Amazing Spider-Man comedian series being the world’s most popular single title, comic e book gathering would not be the identical without Spidey.

This phenomenon has led to the introduction of quite a few spin-off collection. None are as appealing as the unique, however the relative affordability of Spectacular Spider-Man has seen prices improve in recent times.

If you’ve dug out your previous comedian books and found a run of early Spider-Man comics, then you’re in fine condition. Ship us details for a free valuation.

Amazing Fantasy
Spectacular Spider-Man

Spectacular Spider-Man (comic)

#1-129, #238, #282-328
#1 and #2
(printed in 1968 solely)

#1, #2, #27, #28
We break them down challenge by problem beneath:

Wonderful Spider-Man #1-#20
Amazing Spider-Man #21-#forty
Superb Spider-Man #41-#60
Superb Spider-Man #sixty one-#eighty

Superb Spider-Man #81-#100
Wonderful Spider-Man #one hundred and one-#one hundred twenty
Superb Spider-Man #121-#129
Superb Spider-Man Later Keys

#2: The X-Men
Whereas Unbelievable Four #1 launched the ‘Marvel Age of Comics’, it is the X-Males who’ve ingrained themselves in the collective consciousness.

That is partially as a result of the fact that (broadly talking) the FF movies have been fairly poorly acquired, while the X-Men motion pictures had been rather more popular. However to us, the roots go deeper.

The X-Males is a far more diverse comic e-book series. The characters seem extra actual and human, as well as inhuman/mutant, and as characters have come and gone, the sequence has advanced greater than FF.

Incredible Four, of all the Marvel Comics characters, seldom seem in different comic e-book sequence, while X-Men cross over on a regular basis.

A mint copy of X-Men #1 broke all records in summer time 2012, and values are strong for the Silver Age and different key points.

You need to have us appraise your X-Males comics when you have a lot of older ones in your comedian guide collection.

We’ve revealed a full article on X-Men comics values right here.
There are additionally some very collectible Wolverine comics.

The X-Males
The Uncanny X-Males

Big-Dimension X-Males
Unbelievable Hulk

#1 by way of #20, #35, #94,
#100, #141
#142, #143, #266

#1 and #2
#180, #181, #182 (first appearances Wolverine)

See our X-Males Villains Information | X-Men Comic Price Guide
Prime 10 Marvel Comics Characters #three: Iron Man

You can make a case for putting The Avengers Comics (click on for full article) at #3, because there are so many various characters represented and so many collectors love the series.

However, as most of them will appear separately in the highest 10 anyway, it is sensible to put Iron Man right here.

The films, starring Robert toddler girl swim shirts Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark, have finished wonders for the resale worth of outdated Iron Man comics. There are plenty of appearances, probably the most well-known being Tales of Suspense #39.

Iron Man’s well-known pink and gold armor was first seen in Tales of Suspense #forty eight. By then, he had been in silver armor (ToS #39) toddler girl swim shirts and golden armor (Tales of Suspense #40).

#Forty eight is going to achieve “key” standing, because the crimson and gold look is the way in which he is identified in the movies.
Different key books embrace Iron Man and Sub-Mariner #1, and the stand-alone series, Iron Man #1. There are additionally Avengers appearances worth finding.

See our Iron Man comedian books article for extra particulars.
In case you have any of the above in your collection, then get us to value them for you freed from cost.

Iron Man and Sub-Mariner
#39, #40, #forty one, #forty eight

#1 to #20, #57, #one hundred
#4: Captain America

Another of the Marvel Comics characters which has benefited from the Marvel superhero film impact, the Cap’ has been catapulted to the entrance of many collectors’ minds.

Though a number of younger comedian e book collectors solely know the Silver Age to trendy Captain America, this Marvel Comics character’s roots go a lot additional back.

Along with plenty of very collectible comics from the 1960s, it is best to even be on the lookout for the original, Golden Age (10c cowl value) Captain America Comic books. (Click on for article.)

The 10c cowl worth is all the indication you need that you’ve got some of these uncommon comic books.
If you’ve found previous comics that includes the Captain, then please ship us particulars. We’ll appraise them without spending a dime.

Captain America Comics (10c)
All-Select Comics (10c)

All Winners Comics (10c)
Captain America (12c)

Marvel Thriller Comics (10c)
Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos (12c)

#1 to #10

#1 to #21
#1 to #10, #fifty five

#80 to #92

#5: Unbelievable Hulk

Since his exposure to gamma radiation, the Unimaginable Hulk has been a “smash” with collectors!
The very early points are susceptible to the dreaded Marvel chipping, and are amongst essentially the most difficult Marvel comics to search out in great shape.

First look was Unimaginable Hulk #1 by means of #6. In #1, Hulk had grey pores and skin, but #2 saw his first green pores and skin comedian look. He’s been green kind of ever since.

Hulk is very popular with collectors of other sequence, and he usually appears in crossover titles, fighting with different Marvel Comics characters just like the Thing and Spider-Man.

Get your Hulk comedian books valued at no cost by Sell My Comedian Books.
See our full article on the value of Incredible Hulk comedian books.

The Unimaginable Hulk
(gray skin in #1)
#1 via #6, #102, #180 to #182

#1 through #three, #5
#12, #25 and #26, #112

#14, #119 and #a hundred and twenty
#59 via #one zero one

WARNING! Fake Hulk #181s in the marketplace
We had been simply fooled by a pretend copy of Hulk #181. Don’t be scammed!

Click right here to learn how to identify the dangerous ones.
See our Unimaginable Hulk Comedian Guide Value Information
for more key issue values

#6: The Mighty Thor
It is not easy being a demi-god! Thor introduced the pantheon of ancient Norse gods to the Marvel comics character universe.

The likes of Odin and Loki make appearances all through the series.
While you might find his perspective a little bit arrogant, there isn’t any doubting that Thor is a mighty Marvel Comics character, and an important addition to The Avengers crew.

The first and second appearances of this character in Journey into Thriller #83 and #84 are sky-excessive proper now, so when you’ve got both of those comics, get in touch instantly!

There are loads more Thor Marvel comics price having, together with his key Avengers appearances, and Journey Into Mystery comics.

The Avengers (12c)
#83 via #one hundred, #109, #112

#1 by #20, #57

#7: The Incredible 4
As soon as the preferred comedian e book collection, the original Marvel Comics characters workforce-up of the Human Torch, Mr. Implausible, the Invisible Lady and the Factor have slipped down in reputation within the final decade or so.

See our full article on The Unbelievable Four comedian books.
This is partially due to their movies not being well-obtained, and partially as a consequence of the fact that the Incredible 4 almost never cross over into other comic books as a staff.

That doesn’t suggest the early points should not collected. Far from it. Simply that a run of FF comics could be more reasonably priced to place collectively now.

First appearance of Implausible Four #1, and the primary Physician Doom in Improbable 4 #5, are amongst the important thing issues.

Have your FF comics valued without cost by Sell My Comedian Books.
#1 by way of #30, #forty eight to #50, #55 to #60, #72, #100, #112
Annual #1, #2 and #three

#1, #5, #8

#8: The Silver Surfer
First appearing in Unbelievable Four #48, #forty nine and #50 (#50 being the primary full Silver Surfer cover — see image above), this otherwordly surfer is a very talked-about character that has been long tipped for massive film roles.

The dangerous information is that this unimaginable character is actually one of the most under-used Marvel Comics characters.

He had one sequence, and a handful of crossover appearances, only.
The good news is, if in case you have Silver Surfer comics in your assortment, that the values of basic issues have spiked up lately.

Please have us assess your Silver Surfer comics for free.
Silver Surfer

Tales to Astonish
#forty eight to #50, #fifty five to #60, #72

#1 to #10, #14
#ninety two and #ninety three

#9: Daredevil
When you have a great situation, early run of Daredevil comics, then you could have a nice little asset.

The blind superhero starred in a poorly-rated superhero movie just a few years again, but this continues to be one of the crucial collected sequence of Marvel Comics characters.

Origin and first look in Daredevil #1, plus loads of crossovers and cameo appearances in fashionable sequence like Superb Spider-Man, Incredible 4, and the Avengers.

See values of Daredevil comics here.
Get your Daredevil comics worth assessed without cost.

Wonderful Spider-Man
The Defenders

Implausible 4
Journey into Mystery

#1 via #20, #27, #38, #forty three, #131, #158, #168 and #169, #181

#24 and #25

#39 and #40

See our Daredevil worth information here.
#10: Nick Fury

Originally an military character, Nick Fury started in Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #1, a really collectible comedian e-book.

Nick started a brand new position when he grew to become an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. This starting with Strange Tales #135, and appeared in lots of problems with this comedian e book.

He additionally reveals up in Tales of Suspense #78, and others in the sequence.
In case you have a set of Nick Fury comics you need valuing, then please send us details. We’ll do it without spending a dime.

Titles to Look ahead to
Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos

Unusual Tales
Tales of Suspense

Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Best Issue Numbers to seek out

#1-20 (particularly #1, #2, #13)
Annual #1

#1 to #7, #15

Any More Marvel Characters
Amazing Spider-Man
Black Widow
Captain America (Golden Age)
Captain America (Silver Age)
Conan the Barbarian
Dr. Unusual
Elektra Comics
Improbable 4
Ghost Rider
Unimaginable Hulk
Iron Man
Jessica Jones

Marvel 30 Cent Value Variants
Marvel 35 Cent Price Variants
Marvel Mystery Comics
Marvel Premiere
Marvel Spotlight
Ms. Marvel
New Mutants
Silver Surfer
Star Wars
Tales of Suspense
Tales to Astonish
Well timed Comics (pre-Marvel)
Transformers Comics

There are a lot extra Marvel Comics characters that aren’t on this high 10 listing. That doesn’t mean they aren’t of interest to collectors!

If in case you have an enormous collection of Marvel comics, and would like them valued, then please get in touch. We will offer you a free assessment of your Marvel comedian books.