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Satisfied By Her Brother

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Precious Bane is a narrative of ambition, prejudice, hatred, and the redemptive energy of love. The play is ready against the backdrop of rural England where mysticism, superstition and native folklore performed an important role in land whose residents eked out a living under the harshest situations. Prudence Sarn, born with a harelip and feared and scorned as a witch and outcast, possesses a passionate coronary heart and spirit. Satisfied by her brother, Gideon, that she has no hope a marriage and a family, she indentures herself to him and agrees to subjugate her own goals to additional his the penguin batman shirt roblox bold ends. As their story unfolds, Prue is torn between her loyalty to her brother an her love for the traveling weaver, a man who sees the penguin batman shirt roblox beyond her “affliction” to the power and wonder in her heart. The play was commissioned by Lifeline Theatre in Chicago.

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