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Green Arrow/Arrow won’t look spectacular, nonetheless, when utilized correctly, he can stand up towards stronger oppositions; with completely different effects on his combo ender and a decently highly effective Special 2, he may even make haste and defeat groups simply.

Another certainly one of Green Arrow’s combo ender shoots a bomb arrow.

Definitely the best arrow from Green Arrow’s combo ender shoots an arrow that freezes the opponent.

Considered one of Green Arrow’s combo ender shoots a POISON arrow.
Arrow Green Arrow’s SP1 is a power drain, and whereas his combo ender can’t power drain in contrast to Martian Manhunter/Prime, it nonetheless has a handy freeze to prevent your opponent from blocking your specials. Nevertheless, freeze, unlike stun, don’t work together with Cloak of Future, and Martian Manhunter’s specific gear provides him an opportunity of unblockable on basic assaults which Green Arrow lacks.

His passive gives his combo ender a chance for a random impact. Every of the three arrows has an estimated 25% likelihood of occurring and there is a 25% probability there wouldn’t be a combo ender. The three effects are:

Bomb: The common 3% injury stat, by which it is similar to a regular combo-ender with no known further effect.

Freeze: Freezes target, preventing them from taking any action for just a few seconds. This can be negated by block.

Poison: Does 1.5% of his injury stat, and twice as harm over time (essentially doubling the final hit). Nevertheless, even in case you get this, the overall harm from his light combo remains to be simply 2% x three + 3% x 2 = 12% = 4% x 3 [heavy combo injury]. That is affected by basic injury boosts, however not fundamental crit.

He is an agile combatant who can gain power quickly. Use SP1 heal gear to put on down your opponents with energy drain, or equip his personal Longbow and get excessive hits together with his Canary’s Kiss assault to ship a staff-huge beatdown.

Interactions Edit
Please notice that battles are highly situational: this section only mentions playing cards which have mechanics that, for any cause, are particularly effective with/towards, or notably the flash athletic shirt template ineffective towards Green Arrow. Having a card that “counters” Green Arrow does not mean it’s all the time a superb alternative.

Good withEdit
Deadshot: Deadshot’s passive, once achieved from using his S2, will increase the “Candy Spot” for characters with Target mini-games from 200% to 250%. As each of Green Arrow’s specials uses concentrating on, this will increase the harm for Green Arrow’s already powerful SP2.
– Any characters that can improve power technology comparable to Green Lantern/Regime or Harley Quinn/Animated work effectively with Green Arrow, as this may imply he can use his specials a lot faster.

Good againstEdit
The Flash/Reverse Flash: Green Arrow’s basic combo does not activate Reverse Flash’s passive, allowing him to used a myriad of results with out Reverse Flash cleansing them.
Batman/Daybreak of Justice: Identical as above.
Superman/Injustice 2: Same as above.

Countered byEdit
– Any character that’s immune to Power Drain, reminiscent of Static/Prime, Lobo/Prime, and situationally, Shazam/Prime.
Batman/Arkham Knight: Batman can select to be immune to power drain and DOT, severely limiting Green Arrow’s effectiveness.

Listed below are Green Arrow’s talents.

Assist Playing cards and GearEdit
Here are Green Arrow’s help cards and gear.

X% Damage Boost to Particular 2
[Green Arrow] Space Impact: X% harm to enemy teammates

[Evolved] X% CRIT likelihood on Special 1

These stats are the final injury and health levels at level 50, per Elite rank, with ALL assist cards, and without any augmentations. With the 2.13 update, Elite eight, 9, and 10 have been added. The Elite 10 damage and well being ranges are for stage 60 characters.

There’s a rare bug wherein should you get a freeze arrow from his passive, and use a special within a very small time frame, it is feasible for them to start out to block through the combo ender, does not really manage to dam it in time and get frozen within the blocking stance. If you happen to do the particular too quickly, the combo ender will miss entirely or get totally blocked. In the event you wait too lengthy, they might have been frozen properly.
This model of Green Arrow is predicated of the present Arrow, the place Stephen Amell portrays Oliver Queen as Green Arrow; moreover, he also voiced this model of Green Arrow within the console.
In the course of the season premiers for all the CW exhibits during fall/October of 2016, he (along with the most Wished Pack, which contained The Flash/Reverse Flash) went on sale for 25% off. Moreover, The Flash/Metahuman was additionally accessible as an online Battle season reward.
In season one of the CW, which this version relies on, Cyrus Vanch states that “The Hood” carries 24 arrows and flechettes. Since there are three flechettes in his character the flash athletic shirt template mannequin, that implies that he has 21 arrows. Since his combo ender and sp1 use 1, his sp2 makes use of 2, and Super Move uses five, this implies he logically might solely use, at most; 21 combo enders or sp1s, 10 sp2s, or 4 supermoves.

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