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My Hair Extensions: Your Questions Answered!

Hi again guys!
So as most of you already most likely know, earlier this week I had a brand new head of hair extensions applied and my colour modified, all just in time for Summer!

Anyway, as I was Snapchatting about my new color, I realised it’s been ages since I blogged about my extensions, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to answer the most typical questions I get about them, things like why I get them, what shades I get, the aftercare involved, and so on.

I think this post can be of great interest to anyone who is thinking about getting extensions.
Q: What hair extensions do you utilize

I’ve tried nearly every type of hair extension out there! For the first yr or two, I wore the Remy Hair Extensions from Hairspray. After that I moved on to Nice Lengths, but now I wear the Gold Fever model, and in my view, Gold Fever is the best by far in the marketplace.

I prefer the pre-bonded extensions which are connected securely to the hair. The hair, which is 100% moral and traceable, is Indian ritual hair and that’s why it’s my favourite. Indian ladies are blessed with the most stunning hair on the planet in order you can imagine, the extension hair is thick, long and rich.

It’s also really shiny and silky, and the hair by no means loses that look either.
In my experience, these extensions don’t go frizzy or dry. The bonds aren’t one bit noticeable and the hair sheds naturally. Sometimes, extension hair sheds in lumps, but the Gold Fever extensions shed the identical way natural hair does. Again, this is down to quality utility.

Q: Who applies your extensions
I normally at all times go to Valerie in Cowboys & Angels or Jane in Red Velvet and they’re both wonderful!!

One other amazing extensionist I have been to over time is Ceira Lambert in Shankhill. She is absolutely sensible at what she does! Personally I wouldn’t belief anyone aside from Valerie, Jane Ceira to take care of my extensions. All three ladies come highly really useful.

Here is a the best wigs in the world short video of my hair application last night at Cowboys & Angels:
@cowboysandangels @sosueme_ie @goldfeverhair color and 18 ” full head …da 💣. 🎥

A video posted by Cowboysandangels (@cowboysandangels) on Mar 24, 2016 at 1:06am PDT
Q: How long have you ever been utilizing hair extensions and have there been any disadvantages to long-time period use

I have been wearing hair extensions for 5 years now and I have never taken a break from them. If they are applied accurately and by the suitable particular person, then you won’t ever have to fret about the best wigs in the world injury. Every time I’ve them eliminated before a fresh head is applied, I examine my hair and it’s all the time perfectly wonderful and healthy, with absolutely no thinning or bald patches.

The trick to preventing injury is to have the precise sort of hair extensions to your hair and having them utilized appropriately.

Q: What shades do you go for
I often go for 2B and 1B combined, which is kind of darkish but yesterday I decided to lighten the ends and have something more sun-kissed for summer season. In April, I’m heading off to Dallas for a convention, and at finish of April, I’m off on vacation to Thailand so I figured it could be good to have lighter locks for the trips away.

To achieve this ombre look, Valerie blended some brown, chestnut, and caramel tones.
I am naturally quite dark so Valerie lightened the base by one shade and added a couple of nice caramel highlights in the mid and end sections simply to help the extensions blend higher. I’m really proud of the color palette, and it’s one I will definitely with. I would even go for barely blonder tones for summer season.

Q: What is the aftercare like
Personally I treat my extensions the exact same manner as I treat my hair. Extensions are to not be considered an attachment. They must be treated like your own hair. The Gold Fever extensions I have are 100% human hair, so I wash, condition, and blow dry them the same.

If you want to see what instruments I take advantage of when blowdrying my hair, you’ll be able to try this weblog publish I wrote.

Extensions ought to be treated with care however if you need them to last, and i do have a couple of ideas in that regard.

First, all the time guarantee that you simply blowdry your bonds. It’s not good to let them dry naturally. Personally, I don’t like to leave my hair wet anyway but if I’m in a rush, I will still blast off the bonds and simply leave the ends damp.

One other tip would be to ensure that each time you get out of the shower, that you simply run your fingers through the bonds so as to make sure they are stored separate and don’t bond together. This becomes second nature over time!

When it comes to hair oils, keep them away from the bonds. I will at all times use my Moroccan Oil and Olaplex therapies in middle, lengths and ends, but by no means on or near the bonds themselves.

On the subject of shampoos and conditioners, I always just use normal hair care products somewhat than ones specifically for extensions. I feel they inform you not to use keratin and protein shampoos, however personally, I have never had a problem. Everyone is different though, so I’m not saying they won’t have any impact on someone else’s extensions, however for me, they have by no means been an issue.

Q: Why do you get extensions
I’ve quite positive hair but a lot of it, and because of that I can never get any physique or thickness.

I do like the extensions for length however I mainly like them for thickness and quantity. Also trust me once i say, after one head of extentions – you’ll turn into addicted. They’re life changing (in vanity way in fact haha). 🙂

Q: How often do it’s essential to have them updated
I get a full head of a hundred and fifty bonds every 4-6 months. How long they last is dependent upon a number of things. As an example, if I am taking a hair and nail supplement, my natural hair grows faster. If I’m away on holiday, and exposing my hair to lots of chlorine and solar, then that might have an effect on the extensions.

There are a selection of factors that will determine how lengthy they are going to final, but typically speaking, you should get 4-6 months. If you’re taking good care of them, you’ll presumably get longer. I know just a few ladies who get 8 months from theirs.

Q: Do they damage
It is determined by who applies them. Personally I have never had any problems. I always ask Valerie or Ceira to put them a little bit bit away from root in order that there’s no uncomfortable pull.

Q: How much are they
That is a hard questions to reply because everybody is different. It is dependent upon a quantity of factors resembling how many extensions you’re getting, what number of shades you need, the length you want, and if you’re getting your hair coloured as well.

Generally speaking though, you would need between €500-€900 for a full head. That is simply a really tough information though, it might even be cheaper or costlier. Your extensionist will have the ability to offer you an accurate value in the first consultation.

They are not low cost by any means, however in the case of hair extensions, you do get what you pay for. If you need quality extensions that look tremendous glossy, won’t harm your hair and are ethically sourced, then I can’t advocate Gold Fever Hair Extensions highly enough.

There you might have it guys! The complete low down on my hair extensions!
Have a lovely easter!

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