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What If Luthor Created His Own Justice League

Women's joker e harley quinn film Printed Long Sleeve T-ShirtSince Luthor realized that he can never control Tremendous Man what if he created his personal tremendous energy staff to do his bidding and in an attempt undermine the Justice League.

Enter the Justice Society-Dr Destiny, The Atom, Plastic Man, Red Twister, Green Arrow, Zatanna and chief Steel.

Now you could also be saying Steel and Tremendous Man are buds, so why would Steel deal with Luthor Luthor strokes John Henry Men’s superman returns cast Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt Irons’ ego. He asks him why Steel wasn’t provided a spot within the JL by Supes. He asks Steel why he’s Metropolis’ protector now, however nonetheless lives in Super Man’s shadow.
So jealousy is an element of his becoming a member of.

With Luthor endorsing the Justice Society it makes the the Justice League wanted less. That leads to the ineviatable confrontation with Steel and Super texas ranger shirts at walmart Man. Tremendous Man tells Steel it’s a foul concept working for Luthor and Steel replies, “You understand what I’m bored with listening to you tell me what to do” and Steel punches Tremendous Man. This turns right into a struggle in front of the White House. the Justice League sees this on the Watchtower and head down there to break it up however are ambushed by The Justice Society.

Luthor is sitting watching the struggle on Tv. the Justice Society is holding their own with the JL, but it’s clearly that the JL is superior. Luthor calls the JS off.

Might this story work I always wanted texas ranger shirts at walmart to texas ranger shirts at walmart see Steel once more, plus provides the Justice League a good team to face.