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Poison Ivy Query

What ever you do just be careful!!! I wen’t squirrel hunting on mon and wore shorts t shirt running superman for some motive instead of my regular long pants and searching boots. I have only been getting poison ivy or oak for the previous couple of years, I used to be able to roll in it and by no means caught it. Well I assume from playing in all of it day and the woods being wet it should have ran down my leg and into my work boots I was sporting the place it sat on my socks. Each my ankles from the sock line down 2or 3 inches are FREAKIN Coated in it!!!!!! And it has started to unfold from my scratching it!!! It suxs so unhealthy! I have been washing with hot water and applying calimine lotion which helps however it itchs so dangerous it wakes me up and simply looks like it is on fireplace. I simply hope someone can learn from my misery and remember to wear long pants when playing within the woods. Good luck everybody.
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my girlfriend obtained it pretty dangerous while in the woods with me and even though i instructed her not to scratch she could not resist the temptation and it unfold everywhere she went to the dock and obtained some medication to dry it out, for some cause it was over the counter stuff, but it surely worked actually good. I use it each time i get poison ivy, its called Triamcinolone t shirt running superman Acetonide cream. My mother was all the time a agency believer of applying nail polish to the contaminated space to forestall the spread of oils by scratching.

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