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Infinity Gauntlet Vol 1 6

Thanos and the remaining heroes face off against Nebula who now has possession of the Infinity Gauntlet. She uses the ability she now has to transform the universe again to the way in which it was twenty four hours ago. All of Thanos’ loss of life and destruction has been undone. A few of these returning to life don’t have any recollection of the occasions which have transpired, some feel like something shouldn’t be right and others remember the occasions in full element. She herself is remodeled back into the horrible creature Thanos turned her into.

But as Warlock reaches for the gauntlet she regains her energy. The cosmic beings unleash their fury upon her. superman t shirt mr price 2016 Warlock has a plan now that the gauntlet is in less skilled arms. He superman t shirt mr price 2016 and the Silver Surfer return to the Soul World the place Warlock becomes at one with the universe of the soul gem.

Nebula manages to turn the cosmic beings into stone. Warlock manages to succeed in out to the other gems and the gauntlet separates from Nebula. It’s now an all out battle to retrieve the fallen gauntlet and Earth’s superman t shirt mr price 2016 heroes stop Thanos from acquiring it again. The gauntlet comes into the arms of Adam Warlock.

Rather than face imprisonment, Thanos chooses to blow himself up with a thermal nuclear machine. Superman Adam Warlock claims himself the true possessor of the Infinity Gems and that he can be a simply god. He transports himself, Gamora and Pip to two months in the future on a unnamed planet. They go to go to Thanos, who claims that three failures at such a scope are sufficient for him and he will reside out a quiet life to reflect on the classes of the past.

Occasions in this difficulty lead directly into Warlock and the Infinity Watch #1.
Part of the Infinity Gauntlet event.

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