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The JOKER’S ‘True Name’ Is … (SPOILER ALERT)

The straight dope on Justice League #50’s massive Bat-second.
Updated 6/4/17: Hey, of us! DC may be getting closer to revealing the Joker’s “true name”: Click right here!

Men's avengers silhouette Cotton Long Sleeve T Shirts(Word: I don’t often trade in spoilers like this however since Friday, a lot has been revealed about DC Rebirth before the issue has even come out, that it’s grow to be a runaway practice. The DC Universe Rebirth one-shot deals with the Joker “revelation” from Justice League #50 — each points are out this week — so that’s change into truthful recreation. And right here we are.)

Up to date 5/27/sixteen: For a SNEAK PEEK of BATMAN: REBIRTH #1, click on right here.

Practically a year after DC first teased the big reveal of the Joker’s identification, we get … another tease.

In Justice League #50, we study that when Batman requested (in JL #42) what the Joker’s “true name” is …

… the all-figuring out Mobius Chair superman t shirt black india limited instructed him “there had been three.”
As in, there is perhaps three Jokers. A minimum of that was Batman’s takeaway.

Turns out, the Mobius Chair likes to talk in cryptic riddles once in a while. (Then again, possibly the Chair was being literal and Batman ought to begin searching for a man named Joe Three, or something.)

The concept is that maybe the superman t shirt black india limited Joker who committed the terrible crimes of The Killing Joke, for instance, will not be be the identical man who tormented Batman during Snyder and 100% Cotton Spider-Gwen Short Sleeve Custom Autumn Children’s T-shirt Capullo’s run. And that possibly these guys are different from the Joker portrayed decades ago (in real time, mind you). Or one thing like that.

I’m not quite certain what DC goes for right here. Are they planning to provide us a literal clarification for why the Joker has modified a lot in 76 years He’s gone from homicidal maniac, to gimmick-blissful super-thief, and again once more.

However there’s not a single longtime character on DC’s roster that hasn’t gone through wholesale modifications since 1938. So it appears sort of pointless to attempt to clarify the Joker’s behavior this fashion. In addition to, I’ve lengthy preferred the concept the Joker’s persona changes are on account of his explicit collection of psychoses. That truly makes sense, if you happen to need some kind of canonical rationalization.

Or maybe an exploding cigar is simply an exploding cigar and this can be a face-value story that can reveal a Court of Jokers of some kind. Or possibly this is a bizarre gateway to a story that can explain that the DC Universe is something that simply retains regenerating itself — which, in a very real approach, is true.

I dunno.
It doesn’t matter what, Justice League #50 itself appears like a cheat. We as readers were definitely led to consider that this situation was going to offer us some kind of affirmative answer.

Geoff Johns at WonderCon said that the reply was something people in all probability wouldn’t expect. He’s proper about that.

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