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Are Thor And Captain America The new Energy Couple Of All-New, All-Totally different superman sweatshirt forever 21 singapore Marvel

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Marvel fans at New York Comic Con received the first glimpse of Alex Ross’ upcoming cover for All-New, All-Different Avengers #4 that featured one thing never before seen in a Marvel comic: a romantic kiss between Captain America and Thor.

Of course, this kiss is between the Sam Wilson Captain America and the feminine Thor who was recently revealed to be Jane Foster, Thor’s longtime love interest who has confirmed herself worthy to wield Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. Even earlier than Secret Wars shuffled the deck going into the All-New, All-Totally different Marvel relaunch, the former Falcon had simply been named the brand new Captain America. As for Jane Foster, it’s a safe wager that Marvel will keep her as Thor for superman sweatshirt forever 21 singapore as long as her title continues to outsell the previous comedian starring her ex.

Yesterday, Senior Marvel editor Ben Morse debuted the Captain America and Thor cover with this memorable caption: “Earth’s Mightiest Kiss.”

Prior to Jane Foster’s ascension as Thor, it’s not clear how properly Sam Wilson knew her. Jane superman sweatshirt forever 21 singapore Foster established herself as a doctor within the Marvel U and she’s helped out the Avengers on a couple of occasions. But she’s primarily been a member of Thor’s supporting solid.

The cover certainly implies that Jane and Sam will know each other rather more intimately now that they are headlining All-New, All-Different Avengers alongside Iron Man, the Vision, and three younger heroes: Ms. Marvel, Nova, and Star_Trek Spider-Man a.okay.a. Women’s Avengers Ms Marvel Custom Long Sleeve T-Shirt Miles Morales. Romantic entanglements between fellow Avengers is nothing new for the franchise. But when the brand new Thor and Captain America are literally going to have a romance then it might shake up the established order even additional.

All-New, All-Completely different Avengers #four can be released in January 2016.
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