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Thanos Is Confirmed For Guardians Of The Galaxy And Avengers 2!

What’s more exciting than Thanos Properly, if you’re a fan of Marvel and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not a lot at this level.

Men's Captain America Civil War Hawkeye Cotton Long Sleeve T ShirtsOne in every of the numerous awesome scenes on this summer’s The Avengers movie — you might have heard of it; it grossed over a $1.Four billion worldwide — came after the final credit. He’s solely there for a second to face up and flash a villainous purple smile, but it’s the Mad Titan himself.

Watch the Scene on this Exclusive Clip from Marvel
What’s a Thanos

Born on Saturn’s moon Titan and mainly having all the powers of a god, Thanos first appeared in Iron Man in 1973, however it wasn’t till practically 20 years later that he came of age.

The Infinity Gauntlet (seen beneath) was a company-vast crossover and big success for Marvel. Additionally one in every of its greatest storylines ever, with the plot woven into multiple comics and superman athletic deep v-neck women’s t-shirt naturally within the six-challenge The Infinity Gauntlet collection itself.

Thanos: Because if you’re going to have a god who’s in love with Death for a villain, you go big.

The massive Plan
And since Thanos has already worked so effectively in a crossover, the thought appears to be to do the same in the movies. Hey, if it ain’t broke.

Thanos has been confirmed as the principle villain in 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy, to be directed by James Gunn (of Tremendous fame) and will reportedly have a big position to play within the Avengers 2 too.

As if Thanos could be any form of character besides “major.”
The draw back The Avengers 2 movie isn’t slated to hit theaters till 2015, for a begin. Marvel will in all probability tease the massive man in Iron Man three or Thor: The Dark World, however you recognize that the fight will come to a head in Avengers 2, if not Avengers 3.

So we’re a pair years off from figuring this complete thing out. Don’t worry in regards to the meantime, although, as there are a lot of the way to get your repair. Thanos will function in an enormous merchandising campaign for Disney (the studio behind the motion pictures, duh), and Marvel has already given a treat to gamers in all places this year due to WizKids!

Infinity Gauntlet OP
If you’re a gamer, get yerself over to the nice of us at WizKids, who ran an Infinity Gauntlet Organized Play occasion for most of this year. Maybe it’s greatest to allow them to explain it:

This system is built round the story of Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. Every month gamers will collect at shops in all places to compete for coveted Restricted Version figures, culminating with winners receiving Thanos atop his Shrine to Loss of life. Nonetheless, we additionally layered in a very strong participation prize factor into the program. In Kit 1, every player might be given a “gem-less” Infinity Gauntlet object only for showing as much as the 1st occasion.

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