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Who is The Reverse Flash Within the Cw Show “The Flash”

There are a pair of various and associated characters in the comics. The first is a personality who star trek t shirt star wars font license is understood varied as Professor Zoom or Reverse Flash. He first appeared within the 1960s IIRC and was a guy named Eobard Thawne star trek t shirt star wars font license from the long run. He was an obsessive fan of the Flash who used plastic surgery to appear to be Barry and who was able to duplicate his powers. He ultimately becomes a villain after travelling back to fulfill his idol. For the subsequent twenty years or so, Professor Zoom could be one of many Flash’s deadliest rivals until the Flash finally ends up killing him to guard his mates and family (one of the last storylines for Barry was his trial for the loss of life of Reverse Flash). For the next twenty plus years the Reverse Flash wasn’t around.

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In the twenty first century a brand new model of the character was created. He was a guy named Hunter Zolomon who was a criminal profiler for the Central Metropolis PD. He was paralyzed in a supervillain assault and requested the Flash to make use of a time machine to return in time and stop the attack from taking place.The Flash refused, arguing that doing so would damage the timeline. Zolomon tried to make use of the time machine himself, but it exploded, which left him insane and likewise with time related powers which mimicked the Flash’s tremendous pace. He grew to become satisfied that the Flash had refused to help him as a result of Flash had not skilled enough tragedy in his personal life and thus couldn’t empathize with victims of tragedy. He then grew to become obsessive about making Flash a “better hero” by doing things like threatening his beloved ones and forcing Flash to combat towards him.

In the show we do not star trek t shirt star wars font license know who Reverse Flash is. There’s a few options and it is not clear which model of the character they’re using, or if its some form of mixture of them. Given the original Reverse Flash’s name of Eobard Thawne, Eddie Thawne appeared like an obvious candidate, however possibly he is too apparent. And since Thawne was from the long run, Eddie might be his ancestor. Harrison Wells additionally seems like an obvious candidate in that he is from the longer term and, like the Hunter Zolomon version of the character, he has a twisted need to assist the Flash change into a greater hero.