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Teen Titans Go! Digital-concern #50 Overview

It’s Christmas time in Titans Tower, and which means presents, milk and cookies, and deciphering the true identification of Santa Claus.

…wait, what
Yes, it appears that the Titans have more questions on dear previous Saint Nick’s precise identity that tradition and actual historical past do not satisfy.

It all starts innocently enough, with the group decorating for the holidays. Proper up front, I’m delighted to say that it is a wonderfully illustrated issue. Marcelo DiChiara all the time turns in nice work in the title, however he goes the extra mile with the vacation theme. Moreover the good wanting characters, the festive decorations are shiny and colorful, giving this subject a lovely aesthetic that is rarely garish. It’s sort of wonderful, because if any title would star trek original series shirt online go excessive with goofy cheer it would be Teen Titans Go!however no. DiChiara and colorist Franco Riesco show admirable, tasteful restraint.

The weakest a part of the difficulty is the opening few pages, where Beast Boy sings the “Batman smells” model of “Jingle Bells.” It’s a star trek original series shirt online drained, straightforward joke and from that I thought this story could be phoned in, nevertheless it quickly turns around and turns into something extremely pleasant.

And, I mean, it’s so dumb, but that’s what makes it so enjoyable.
So yeah. The Titans theorize that Santa and Batman are one and the same. Robin dismisses this as ludicrous, in fact, but even he turns round at one point. The logic is silly, however not precisely unsound: Santa hangs out on rooftops, and so does Batman. Good match!

Its actually simply am continuous stream of jokes and sight gags, however when they’re genuinely humorous that’s greater than okay. Real talk: if Batman is actually Santa, and the Batcave is his headquarters, why wouldn’t he say it’s actually the North Pole just to throw individuals off of his scent It makes perfect sense, with the added bonus of trolling Superman.

Sholly Fisch is a humorous guy, and he’s sharp too. There are a number of fairly sensible traces, like “Sure, ‘Keep Cyborg away from the cookies.’ This is how fascism begins.” Over the top Positive, however I nonetheless laughed.

It begins predictably and ends the same, however everything in between made this installment a blast to read. I laughed, I cherished the visuals, and that i realized some most likely-not-truths concerning the Darkish Knight and jolly previous Saint Nicholas. For a buck, that’s not a foul deal in any respect.

Advisable if:
– You need a dose of Christmas cheer.
– You need to know the “truth” about Santa and/or Batman.

Total: Each silly and sensible, this may be the most effective TTG issue I’ve Lex_Luthor read. It’s filled with Christmas imagery yet by no means becomes schlocky or irreverent, and the writing is as sharp as it’s goofy. I cherished the look of it, the jokes are great, and even with a mushy opening and ending this was a blast to learn.

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