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Ought to I get hair extensions for my marriage ceremony/prom
Why work with hair extensions

Will people be able to inform that I am sporting extensions

70g-120g 7pcs Body Wavy Clip In Remy Hair Extensions #27/613

Are hair extensions less expensive than highlights

While it depends on the variety of highlights you want, extensions are usually inexpensive and virtually all the time quicker to use. Even higher, hair extensions do not topic your natural hair to harsh, doubtlessly damaging chemicals. They’re also simply removed for those who happen to change your thoughts.

Can a blow dryer be used with extensions
We encourage hair extension clients to blow dry wet extensions utterly to attain most shine. Use a shine spray for extra safety.

Can a straight iron be used with extensions
A straight iron could also be used with extensions (keep your heating instruments under 300 degrees), although we recommend you keep away from the bonding if you’re sporting fill in extensions. Use a shine spray earlier than the flat iron for added gloss.

Can extensions be coloured
The Balmain extension line includes three levels of non-coloured hair: L6, L8 and L10 which may be reduce and coloured. We do not recommend lightening the shade of the extensions, although violet may be used to take away the gold to provide an “ashy” color. Check all colour on a small area first, and use semi-everlasting color to deposit only. You can not shade artificial hair extensions.

Can hair extensions be reused
Yes, as long as you purchase excellent high quality extensions resembling these produced by Balmain. Balmain fill-in extensions, tape utility extensions, and DoubleHair extensions can all be reused.

Can extensions be used as highlights
Hair extensions make wonderful highlights. The new coloration flash tape extensions can be utilized in a matter of minutes, are comfy to wear and completely invisible. They’re accessible in 12 colors and two lengths (10-inch and 16-inch).

Can I dye my hair while I have extensions in
You possibly can dye your roots, however be careful of the bonds. Once more, we advocate using a Balmain certified hair extension stylist.

Can I buy hair extensions in a retailer
Balmain hair extensions aren’t present in beauty shops. All prime brands are bought via distributors. Tres Jolie is the unique Balmain hair extension distributor for Washington, Oregon and Idaho, with prospects all through North America.

Can I take advantage of extensions so as to add texture or color to my hair
Extensions are perfect for adding texture to your hair in addition to quantity. You can too check out new hair colors without commitment or worry of damaging your pure hair.

Are you able to match the highlights in my hair and might I proceed to get my highlights performed
Balmain extensions are available in many colors. Your colorist will simply need to work around your extensions when touching up your highlights. We advocate utilizing extensions as a substitute of highlights, as you’ll avoid probably damaging coloring chemicals.

What is the Balmain Clip-In System
The clip-in system is ideal for daily application of extensions to offer coloration, improve volume or lengthen length. Clip-in extensions take solely moments to use, whereas the patented Balmain gentle mix edge clip-in system integrates invisibly into your natural hair.

Do microbead hair extensions injury your hair
Microbead hair extensions have turn into a popular vogue accessory resulting from their durability and versatility. With the correct application and upkeep, they are often protected on your natural hair as properly. Nonetheless, improper utility can enhance the potential for harm. The beads can also grow to be relatively uncomfortable over time.

What are hair extension consultations
First-time clients considering hair extensions ought to have an preliminary consultation with a Balmain certified hair extension stylist. This allows you to ask questions about the process, price, and care of extensions in addition to allow your stylist to match the coloration.

How are extensions utilized
Quite a lot of methods are used to connect extensions to your natural hair. Balmain hair extensions are utilized using a small gel keratin bond, soft blend edge clip-in system, patented DoubleHair system or tape application.

How are hair extensions eliminated
Removing is a straightforward procedure which does not damage the hair when carried out by a Balmain certified hair extension stylist. After the removal answer is utilized to the gel keratin bond, the extensions could also be removed. A number of the extensions could also be re-applied utilizing the Balmain rebond system.

How can I discover a Balmain certified hair extension stylist
Go to the salon locator section of our website and enter your zip code.

How can I retailer my clip-in hair extensions in order that they keep good
We recommend you store your extensions within the Balmain box to maintain them clean and dry. For those who wouldn’t have the box, place them in a plastic bag. Wash your clip-in extensions as infrequently as attainable. Human hair clip-in extensions should be washed after three or four wearings. You can wash synthetic clip-in extensions after 4 to six wearings.

How do I choose the suitable hair extension for me
Schedule a hair extension consultation with a Balmain certified hair extension stylist. He/she is going to be able to suggest the best hair extension system in your way of life and hair style needs.

How do I match my coloration
Your Balmain certified hair extension stylist will use coloration rings to match your current hair coloration. You might also take a look at the product part of the Tres Jolie web site to view the shade choices for all of the Balmain hair extension techniques.

How lengthy are the clip-in extensions
Balmain produces clip-in extensions from 6-inches to 24-inches in size.

How long does it take to apply extensions
A Balmain certified hair extension stylist can apply a full head of extensions in as little as 35 minutes utilizing Balmain DoubleHair or tape extensions, or up to 5 hours using fill-in extensions. Software occasions will differ for every stylist and individual.

How long ought to my hair be before I can have extensions
Your hair must be lengthy sufficient to put in a ponytail, even if it is a brief stubby one.

How lengthy will Balmain hair extensions last
With correct care and upkeep, Balmain 100% human hair extensions will last six months. Clip-in extensions that aren’t worn on a regular basis will last for much longer.

How much should I cost to apply hair extensions
A certified hair extension stylists cost from $50-$one hundred fifty an hour for hair extension software, depending on expertise and clientele (excluding hair).

How much does a full head of Balmain hair extensions value
This will range depending of the kind of extensions used and the quantity wanted. Contact a Balmain certified hair extensions stylist for a session.

How typically will I want a upkeep check
We advocate returning to your stylist inside four to six weeks for a maintenance examine. After that, frequency is up to the recommendation of your stylist.

I’m serious about getting hair extensions for my wedding/prom
Extensions are a fantastic solution to make any particular occasion much more glamorous. From simple to elaborate, extensions can add quantity, length, and remodel your hair into a breathtaking work of artwork. Extensions can also be used to treat bridesmaids to gorgeous matching hairstyles.

Is Balmain hair Remy hair
Sure. Balmain one hundred percent human hair is all Remy hair.

Is there any strategy to curl extensions made from artificial hair
If you are set on synthetic hair and wish to model it, choose Balmain Reminiscence Hair. It may be styled with low-heat instruments, then maintains the wave, curl, texture and quantity, requiring minimal upkeep.

My hair is wavy; will the clip-in extensions work for me
Synthetic clip-in extensions come in straight or wavy textures and in a myriad of colors. Human hair may be heat-styled like your personal hair to blend seamlessly.

How are tape application extensions utilized
Tape application extensions are utilized utilizing adhesive tape that doesn’t damage the hair in any method. Tape extensions are quick, durable and may be re-utilized. When applied accurately, the extensions are undetectable. Tape applications are the fasted growing segment of the hair extension trade.

What about celeb extensions
If a celeb wears an extension from a manufacturer, by all means follow their lead. If a celeb promotes a line of hair extensions, it’s best to exercise caution. See the Balmain part of our website to search out out which celebrities are sporting Balmain hair extensions.

What are Balmain Fill-In Hair Extensions
Balmain certified hair extensions stylists use Balmain Fill-in Hair Extensions to add volume, shade, texture and size to your natural hair. The road includes 100% human hair and FlairHair Fiber. Tres Jolie presents a full range of colours in both pure and fantasy as well as three textures: straight, pure straight, and wavy.

What is a weft
A weft is composed spring hair care of strands of hair sewn along one edge to create a line of hair. A wide range of strategies are used to attach a weft. They come in different widths ranging from less than a half-inch to over six-inches.

What is Remy hair
Remy hair is fastidiously sorted human hair that has undergone a particular de-pigmentation process similar to that used to treat cashmere. As such, the cuticles of Remy hair remain intact, leaving it stronger, shinier, livelier and extra durable. The cuticles on each strand of Remy hair inside a Balmain extension have been aligned in a unidirectional trend to create a totally pure appearance. Balmain Remy hair extensions remain gentle, shiny, silky and tangle-free.

What’s the pricing for hair extensions
Pricing is determined by components including hair sort, software technique and the quantity needed to create your desired look. Go to a Balmain certified hair extension stylist for a session.

What’s the six-month assure
Balmain guarantees the condition of their human hair extensions and DoubleHair for six months when applied by a Balmain certified hair extension stylist and Balmain hair care products are used. This can be a producer’s assure.

Who should apply extensions
Only use a Balmain certified hair extension stylist for utility, until you are utilizing clip-in or tape software extensions that you may put in by yourself at dwelling.

Why is “strand-by-strand bonding or fusion” better than “sewing” the extensions It appears to price extra.

When extensions are sewn or woven on, the result’s several strong rows of hair extending ear to ear across the again of your head. This makes it very difficult to shampoo properly, and might take hours to dry. You could develop an itchy, flaky scalp in consequence. Strand-by-strand fusion, DoubleHair or tape extensions are connected up to a half inch away from your scalp, eliminating the problems talked about above. Your extensions will observe the same route as your pure hair, making them just about undetectable. These superior software techniques cost extra because they take more time to use as well as use increased high quality hair.

Why ought to I attempt clip-in hair extensions
Clip-in extensions are an easy manner so as to add glamour and fun to your look. They’re very reasonably priced and you may apply them yourself at home – saving the price of professional utility. Clip-in extensions supply the safest technique of utility – there’s no harm or dedication. You can even change the color of your hair without using harsh chemicals and change it back the very subsequent day. They’re quick and easy to use, offering type without problem. Balmain clip-in extensions use the worldwide-patented soft mix edge to offer exceptional integration along with your pure hair – nobody will know you’re wearing them until you wish to make an announcement.

Why use artificial hair
Modern synthetic hair appears to be like and looks like real hair. It’s the ideal materials for clip-in pieces comparable to bangs and ponytails. As a result of artificial hair shouldn’t be affected by the environment like human hair is, it won’t frizz up in humid weather or lose its curl when temperatures rise. Synthetic hair is generally less expensive than human hair as properly.

Why work with hair extensions
Hair extensions are seen on all of the vogue runways, Hollywood purple carpets and live performance levels. Your shoppers need to attain the same traditional and excessive trend styles their favourite stars are carrying – and so they do it with hair extensions. Use extensions to add volume, texture and colour with out utilizing damaging chemicals. Working with extensions will allow you to express extra creativity, increase your marketability and improve your incomes potential.

Will extensions injury the hair
When Balmain hair extensions are utilized and removed by a Balmain certified hair extension stylist, your hair is not going to be damaged in any manner. Comply with the aftercare tips for best outcomes as nicely.

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