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Red Riding Hood Poem

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The two girls take the money and disappear.
The place is the moral
Not all knives are for
stabbing the uncovered stomach.
Rock climbs on rock
and it only makes a seashore.
Previous Jenny has misplaced her belief in mattresses
and now she has no wastebasket through which
to keep her youth.
The standup comedian
on the ‘Tonight’ present
who imitates the Vice President
and cracks up Johnny Carson
and delays sleep for thousands and thousands
of bedfellows watching between their toes,
slits his wrist the subsequent morning
within the Algonquin’s old-fashioned bathroom,
the razor in his hand like a toothbrush,
wall as anonymous as a urinal,
the shower curtain his slack rubberman viewers,
and then the slash
so simple as opening as a letter
and the heat blood breaking out like a rose
upon the bathtub with its claw and ball ft.
And i. I too.
Quite collected at cocktail parties,
in the meantime in my head
I am undergoing open-coronary heart surgery.
The heart, poor fellow,
pounding on his little tin drum
with a faint dying beat,
The center, that eyeless beetle,
operating panicked via his maze,
never stopping one foot after the opposite
one hour after the opposite
until he gags on an apple
and it is throughout.
And that i. I too once more.
I built a summer house on Cape Ann.
A easy A-body and this too was
a deception – nothing haunts a brand new house.
When i moved in with a bathing go well with and tea luggage
the ocean rumbled like a practice backing up
and at every window secrets and techniques came in
like gasoline. My mother, that departed soul,
sat in my Eames chair and reproached me
for shedding her keys to the old cottage.
Even within the electric kitchen there was
the scent of a journey. The ocean
was seeping by way of its frontiers
and laying me out on its wet rails.
The bed was stale with my childhood
and i couldn’t move to another metropolis
where the worthy make a brand new life.
Way back
there was a strange deception:
a wolf dressed in frills,
a type of transvestite.
However I get forward of my story.
In the beginning
there was simply little Red Riding Hood,
so known as because her grandmother
made her a crimson cape and she was by no means without it.
It was her Linus blanket, besides
it was crimson, as pink as the Swiss flag,
sure it was purple, as red as chicken blood,
But more than she beloved her riding hood
she loved her grandmother who lived
far from town in the big wooden.
This sinestro corps t shirt 15 one day her mom gave her
a basket of wine and cake
to take to her grandmother
because she was ill.
Wine and cake
The place’s the aspirin The penicillin
Where’s the fruit juice
Peter Rabbit received chamomile tea.
But wine and cake it was.
On her method in the big wood
Red Riding Hood met the wolf.
Good day, Mr. Wolf, she stated,
thinking him no more harmful
than a streetcar or a panhandler.
He asked where she was going
and she obligingly advised him
There among the roots and trunks
with the mushrooms pulsing inside the moss
he deliberate methods to eat them each,
the grandmother an old carrot
and the little one a shy budkin
in a red red hood.
He bade her to look at the bloodroot,
the small bunchberry and the dogtooth
and decide some for her grandmother.
And this she did.
Meanwhile he scampered off
to Grandmother’s house and ate her up
as fast as a slap.
Then he put on her nightdress and cap
and snuggled down in to bed.
A deceptive fellow.
Red Riding hood
knocked on the door and entered
along with her flowers, her cake, her wine.
Grandmother regarded unusual,
a darkish and bushy disease it seemed.
Oh Grandmother, what big ears you have,
ears, eyes, fingers after which the teeth.
The better to eat you with my dear.
So the wolf gobbled Red Riding Hood down
like a gumdrop. Now he was fats.
He appeared to be in his ninth month
and Red Riding Hood and her grandmother
rode like two Jonahs up and down with
his each breath. One pigeon. One partridge.
He was fast asleep,
dreaming in his cap and gown,
Alongside came a huntsman who heard
the loud contented snores
and knew that was no grandmother.
He opened the door and stated,
So it’s you, outdated sinner.
He raised his gun to shoot him
when it occurred to him that maybe
the wolf had eaten up the old lady.
So he took a knife and started slicing open
the sleeping wolf, a type of caesarian section.
It was a carnal knife that let
Red Riding Hood out like a poppy,
quite alive from the kingdom of the stomach.
And grandmother too
nonetheless waiting for cakes and wine.
The wolf, they determined, was too imply
to be merely shot in order that they stuffed his belly
with giant stones and sewed him up.
He was as heavy as a cemetery
and when sinestro corps t shirt 15 he woke up and tried to run off
he fell over lifeless. Killed by his own weight.
Many a deception ends on such a observe.