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Four Idiot-Proof Pure Remedies, No Chemicals Wanted

In an effort to stop burning my youngsters’s heads with harmful chemicals and pesticides throughout the dreaded annual lice infestation at school, I decided to check out a couple of pure alternate options for therapy and prevention.

Under I’ll record among the treatments given to me by friends and household (I love the old home remedies) and in addition some from waves web analysis. You’ll be able to see what is required, how to use, and the pro’s and con’s.

*Remember, lice are very small (about 2-3 mm) and grey/white in colour. The could appear to be flakes.
“Granny’s Treatment”

Olive Oil
Metallic Nit Comb
Apple Cider Vinegar
Coat hair utterly with olive oil. Comb via with Nit comb and dispose of any little lice or eggs in a ziploc bag. Remember to zip the bag up after each time you place one in. Therapeutic massage in some extra oil when completed and tightly cowl the top with a shower cap, plastic bag, or swimming cap. Within the morning wash hair normally, then rinse again with 1 tablespoon pure apple-cider vinegar and 1 cup water. Wait a couple of minutes and rinse once more with shampoo. This can assist kill nit and eggs. Repeat each couple days till no extra lice or eggs are discovered.

“Tea Tree Methods”
Pure Tea Tree Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar or Water
Steel Nit Comb

Tea Tree oil has a pleasant scent and yet is very effective. The highly effective oil could cause a response as a result of it is vitally sturdy, so you should dilute the oil earlier than use. It’s also a good idea to test on skin earlier than applying to a kid’s delicate head. It’s possible you’ll add Tea Tree oil to your laundry and bedding wash as properly. (¼ oz of oil to your wash ought to be sufficient)

*Combine 1-2 tsp per cup of water or Apple Cider vinegar. Cowl head in tight plastic for not less than 15 minutes or in a single day. Comb by means of in sections with comb, disposing of discovered nits and lice in a plastic bag.

*I’ve additionally heard of mixing a small quantity of the oil along with your shampoo, go away in for 15-20 minutes and rinse out, then do the identical with your conditioner- leaving it in for just a couple of minutes earlier than rinsing. Then comb by means of together with your steel comb.

*It’s also recommended that if you or your child is susceptible to dry skin, to combine Tea Tree oil with olive oil, applying to hair and scalp, cowl with plastic in a single day then comb by way of and wash within the morning.

Repeat the step you will have chosen each 2 days till lice and eggs are gone.
“3-Oil Method”

Lavender oil
Geranium oil
Eucalyptus oil
Apple cider vinegar
Pure unscented physique lotion
Nice tooth steel nit comb

Combine 2 drops of every of the above oils with one teaspoon of the body lotion. Rub into the scalp and let sit for half-hour, then comb by way of in sections. Rinse well after which rinse again with a mixture of three teaspoons apple cider vinegar and a pair of drops of every of the oils. Let that mixture dry naturally into the hair and scalp.

“No-Rinse Seed Treatment”
Nigella Sativa seed (aka fennel flower, nutmeg flower, Roman coriander, blackseed or black caraway) Apple cider vinegar

Use one cup of the apple cider vinegar and one cup of the Nigella Sativas finely floor seeds. Blend collectively, filter, and apply to head. No rinsing required.

So choose your technique, or combine and match if you would like, however make sure to proceed till there aren’t any extra indicators of lice or nits. Wash bedding, pillows, stuffed animals and clothing in Hot water and dry on High heat. Your clothes might shrink- however at the very reddish pink hair least no reddish pink hair extra lice will probably be crawling round on them.

To wash mattresses and furniture it’s urged you utilize hot steam by means of a handheld steamer, steam cleaner or mop. These merchandise produce heat at above the really useful heat setting that is effective in killing lice. Repeat the use of steam simply as you do the treatment on the heads to stop additional infestation. Remember to vacuum!

Good Luck!

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