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How one can Curl Hair With Curling Iron

Ok so i’ve just about pin straight hair lol. And apperently it does not type effectively both. I bought an excellent quality curling iron. Its mediumish sized as a result of my hair is kind of long. But every time i curl it it simply rolls out in like 3 minutes. Am i doing it proper Do i want hairspray How lengthy are you supposed to carry the curl with the iron earlier than unrolling it Any route i am presupposed to do it Heat Help me out right here!How do i curl my hair
Yes. You will need to use merchandise. I might counsel you get special mousse or gel (which ever you desire) that’s specifically for curls. Put that in your DAMP hair then blowdry with a DIFUSSER. If this doesn’t offer you any curl in any respect ( which it might not in case your hair is extremely pin striaght.but it’s going to nonetheless help) then use your curling iron.and I would just suggest to you that you simply experiment wiht how long to carry’s different for everybody simply have to fool round till you get what you need. And I might use the highest heat doable. Lastly, when you’re curling you shoul dbe holding the curling iron vertically and if you pull it out pull the iron downward. This will keep the curls a pleasant form. After which LOAD ON SOME **Flexible HOLD** hairspray

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Good Luck!How do i curl my hair
uh dah you need hair spray but ensure you hold the curling iron to about 2-4 minutes in your hair but before you do this spray a gentle mist of water in your hair so it doesnt get broken
i’ve the identical downside. use a styling mousse or gel first in your hair. the when u curl your hair use hairspray on red hair and bangs each strand. the spritz sort works higher than aerosol
really you need to apply hair pomenade or putty, it comes in several manufacturers, its purported to make your hair thicker and coarser and simpler to style.
Use a molding cream from Dove earlier than utilizing the iron, it labored great for me.

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