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My Bumpy Center Aged Long Hair Journey

Washing: Every 2 or three days (I attempt to stretch it to 3): I wash my hair utilizing the CO technique. I’m presently utilizing cone-free conditioner, often the inexpensive Suave Naturals.

I then rinse with a mild apple cider vinegar rinse. I use about 5 or 6 tablespoons of vinegar to 2 litres, or approximately 8 cups of water. I use that as a ultimate rinse proper earlier than getting out of the shower.

I go away the towel on my hair for not more than 10 minutes after which I add a pea-sized amount of conditioner to my length as a leave-in. I’m at present using Burt’s Bees Super Shiny Grapefruit and Sugar Beet conditioner.

I do not comb or brush my hair when it’s wet or damp, with the exception of my bangs, that are quick. I let my hair air dry after which I start to finger comb it because it dries. Only after my hair is dry will I comb it with a horn comb.

Nightly: I put my hair in a bun on the top of my head after a short session with a boar bristle brush. I secure it with a scrunchie or a clip.

Oiling: I take advantage of a total of 6 drops of jojoba oil to my hair from the ears down when my hair is sort of dry. I put 2 drops in my hands, rub them collectively and smooth the hair from one side of the head between my hands. I repeat with the opposite side and then repeat with the back.

I use the same quantity of oil again proper before mattress, and frivolously brush it by way of with a boar bristle brush. I do that each evening until the next wash.

Deep Oiling: I like to do a real remy clip in hair extensions deep oil therapy once every 2 weeks or so. I soak my hair in either extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil for not less than an hour, someday for a number of hours. About an hour before I wash, I put conditioner on my dry, oiled hair, bun it up, and leave it until I wash. This ensures that the excess oil comes out. As a result of oil and water don’t mix, it is best so as to add the conditioner first, somewhat than wetting the hair and attempting to shampoo it out.

Protein Remedy: About as soon as a month I do a protein remedy. I like Joico Ok-Pak. I like to leave it on my hair for an hour earlier than COing.

Deep moisture remedy: I additionally do that each two weeks or so. I take advantage of one half honey (I microwave it for about 30 seconds in order that it would not lighten my hair) to 2, three or four components of conditioner, relying on how I make it that day. I put that in my dry hair (generally I dampen it calmly with spray bottle of distilled water), and utterly saturate my hair with it from root to tip. I cowl it with a plastic grocery bag and then cowl that with a towel. I go away it in for no less than an hour. After i get into the shower, I add some water to my scalp, work it in effectively, and treat the mixture as a CO. I rinse it out as I might real remy clip in hair extensions a standard CO.

Occasional therapies: When my ends really feel crunchy or velcro-like, or if my hair is getting very dull, I’ll make clear my hair. The shampoo I exploit for that’s Natural Essences Drama Clear. I all the time moisturize my hair very effectively after clarifying.

Generally I do a coconut milk soak. I soak my hair in full fat coconut milk, cover it with a plastic bag, and cover that with a towel. I use CO to take away it.

Every now and then, I do a mayonnaise therapy. This could be within the place of a deep oiling, and has the added benefit of protein as well as being a very good pH for the hair and scalp. I use full fat mayonnaise and that i wash it out with conditioner solely.

Colouring my hair: My hair is dyed, and that i contact up my roots solely each four to six weeks. I at all times coat my hair in coconut oil overnight or for at least two hours before the touch-up, in order to help stop peroxide injury.

I think that is just about it. It seems like too much when all written out, however actually, it is not so much in terms of actual time spent or dollars spent.

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