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So your wanting good in your weave and all that but do you ever surprise where it comes from Properly in response to a personal journey for the truth, British pop star Jamelia stated:

Hair Extensions (weaves) come from
1. Religious sacrifices
2. Two-yr old girls to Grownup women
3. Dead people
4. Woman who want the money
Yes that’s right I stated it Lifeless people. If you don’t consider me learn on.

Beginning off in a Hindu temple in Chennai, India, Jamelia mentioned she was horrified as she seen a two-12 months outdated lady with long dark black hair getting her head shaved. The younger lady was screaming because the clippers have been buzzing, terrified and didn’t know what was going on. Her mother was also getting her head shaved. The reason A religious sacrifice to a Hindu god as thanks for her child’s restoration from an illness. After wards the hair is casually tossed right into a bin like garbage but it surely will never be thrown away should you haven’t realized. These individuals are usually not aware that their hair will probably be sold to hair dealers after which shipped world wide. So what is that this practice Worshiping other gods and what does the bible say about that Exodus 20:3 “Thou shalt haven’t any different gods earlier than me.”
No matter how you take a look at or try to vary the context the hair was minimize for one objective and that goal was to worship one other god which is a sin however lets proceed.Next Jemelia said a pal advised her she heard earlier within the yr that the hair utilized in extensions (weaves) could possibly be taken from lifeless folks. She was horrified. Jamelia mentioned how did she know she was not sporting some dead person’s hair Did the deceased agree to give their hair away earlier than they died or did the man on the morgue simply take the hair without the family’s data. Guess your pondering twice concerning the hair in your head now.

So Jamelia traveled to a remote area hours from Moscow, Russia the place she met up with a hair supplier named Alexander. Alexander stated the hair he received got here from collectors who went round small villages and towns persuading women and their daughters to sell their hair. Jamelia then asked Alexander if he got hair from lifeless people. He then obtained cautious and tried to avoid the query! But she pressed him and he finally confessed that he was unsure the place the hair he was buying got here from. Hmm sufficient mentioned.

Girl have been conditioned to consider that their natural hair is ugly and true beauty is having long straight hair just like the tremendous models on the runway, the actresses on tv, or in the Hollywood films and in consequence uncared for the hair the Creator gave them for a reason. Some girls say its for self confidence however how can you get self confidence from something that’s not naturally yours Who determined that lengthy straight hair would be extra superior than the hair you have been born with Who determined that lengthy straight hair appeared good on you The folks around you and the media! Women have wanted to be just like the film stars and singers for years, idolizing them (which is yet another sin Leviticus 19:4, 26:11) and these girls have got here to the conclusion that they’re much less stunning except they spend $200 or more on some hair that may not even last them a month. Shopping for hair that could have came from a useless person, it’s essential to get up and un-program your self!!

Vrigin Inidan Remy Lace Closure Straight Hair4*4 Middle Part With Baby Hair Natural ColorIn case your saying to I don’t care “I Look good” your mendacity to yourself and have been hypnotized to believe this is beauty when it is not. Let me ask you one thing. Do you imagine in Probably the most Excessive Do you care what he thinks or how he appears to be like at you when your so targeted on looking good that it leads to vanity There are plenty of black women who have really stunning pure hair and in case you don’t consider me google and youtube it! Your hair will develop. “Black people’s hair doesn’t grow” is a myth. The rationale it does not grow is because of the chemicals you put in it. Like perming it not even conscious that the chemicals within the perm are the cause of baldness, chemical burns, broken ends, makes use of the identical chemicals found in bleach, drain cleaners, oven cleaners, rest room cleaners etc. and also you surprise why your hair just isn’t growing. And don’t even say you can’t manage your hair! Its pastel purple wig not unimaginable to take care of it if you know the way! Learn and step away from the “being like all people else” circle and turn into a person!

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