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Throne Of Atlantis Is DC’s Subsequent Non-Batman Animated Movie

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis will be the title of the following DC Universe animated feature film released following Batman: Escape From Arkham, World’s Most interesting has discovered.

Men's Ban Logo Cotton Long Sleeve T-ShirtPosting field art from Escape From Arkham on their site, they famous that the particular options include a sneak peek at Throne of Atlantis, an adaptation of the Geoff Johns-written, Aquaman-centric Justice League story that noticed the forces of Atlantis clash with the surface world.

It’s probably not a surprise; theories that the film could be based mostly on Throne of Atlantis started when Geoff Johns teased a potential Aquaman animated film on Twitter and the dial was cranked all the way in which up when Justice League: Warfare featured a publish-credit tag that featured Ocean Grasp.

Whereas it’s Aquaman-centric, being branded “Justice League” isn’t any surprise; Warner has been fairly open about the truth that it is simpler to sell Superman, Batman and Justice League-branded product than anything of their library, so movies like Flashpoint turn out to be Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox within the hopes of moving more models.

At the tip of Justice League: Battle, which was mentioned to kick off a new, interconnected universe of animated films based mostly on the original star wars t shirt zip world of the brand new fifty two, there is a a shot of the ocean, strewn with dead fish and other sea life. A original star wars t shirt zip craft rises out of the water, and with it Aquaman’s brother Guardians_of_the_Galaxy Ocean Master. He’s carrying a useless, old man. Ocean Master says, “The floor dwellers have killed our king. That is an act of warfare, and they pays.”

Warner Bros. Residence Entertainment have mentioned that they may have two series working concurrently, with an interconnected continuity: Batman and Justice League. Typically the plan is to alternate movies, however within the case of 2014, Batman’s 75th anniversary meant that he received consecutive films. Whether which means the Justice League will get consecutive films in 2015 or that the alternating collection will resume is not but clear.

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