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The Good Lice Lady

With all my talk concerning the harmfulness of chemicals, I have a confession to make. I dye my hair. Simply did it again last night time. Am I hypocritical in regards to the harmful effects of the chemicals in lice “shampoos” I don’t assume so, as a result of (a) I only dye my own hair, olive oil moisturizer hair not the hair of others and definitely not the hair of youngsters, and (b) the claims on the hair dye field are fulfilled – the product does what it says it’ll do and my grey hair is covered. If the outcomes of lice “shampoos” were even near what was promised, I might say that utilizing them was well worth the dangers. But they aren’t and you continue to gotta decide and comb.

A lady lately advised me that she won’t ever get head lice because she dyes her hair. Now, I have been colouring my hair for a long time, and that i’ve had head lice before. Some people advocate using hair dye as a treatment towards dwell lice which are already in your head. On the web, you will find people who seemingly help this with their very own anecdotal evidence. I’ve labored with individuals who have tried to make use of hair dyes as a pediculocide. Sorry, didn’t work. I think that I will do a few of my own experiments. If the man at Harvard could be quoted everywhere in the Web for throwing 6 lice into some olive oil, perhaps I can do some groundbreaking “research” in the realm of hair dye and its precise effects on lice and nits.

Or not. Hair dye remains to be filled with chemicals that many people have critical reactions to. And if lice have adapted to the chemicals within the “shampoos”, then they probably have tailored to hair dyes. I’ll neglect the analysis grant cash. I will just choose and comb as an alternative.

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