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Dry Skin And Compression Pantyhose

Many people who wear jobst help socks, or compression pantyhose of any sort, are inclined to a condition that drives them crazy. Dry pores and skin is linked to carrying tight clothes and could be incredibly irritating to those who endure from it.

Since dry skin often causes itchiness and irritation this can be a very unbearable condition to must dwell with. After all you need your jobst socks and compression pantyhose to keep your circulation flowing but you don’t want to must dwell with itchy dry skin because of it. Listed here no heat curls for thin hair are some suggestions to help you deal with this situation.

First, be sure you moisturize your legs after you are taking off your assist socks. You don’t want to do it beforehand because then your socks may slide around on your legs and not stay up like they’re supposed to. Moisturizing at night will help keep your pores and skin moist all evening and the remainder of the following day. It’s rejuvenating to your body and will carry you through the time you wear your support socks. Be sure to make use of a non-greasy lotion. You must also avoid lotions with scents in them as they can irritate already agitated skin. If it’s essential to moisturize during the day give your pores and skin ample drying time to make sure that your socks don’t slide round.

Second, keeping the skin free from hair may additionally help with the irritation. Since jobst support socks are so tight any hair that is present may be pulled in such a method that makes the pores and skin red, irritated, and even itchy. Keep on prime of this hair removal as when the hair begins to develop again it can develop into itchy by the nature of its growth.

Lastly, be sure that you are cognizant of your personal actions. Scratching irritated pores and skin will solely make it worse. If you’re feeling the need to scratch try putting something cold on your skin to sooth it instead of clawing at it. You can also try to keep your mind off of it through the use of distractions like puzzles, work, or even taking a stroll.

If you have any questions concerning your skin condition and the amount of dry skin you are experiencing while wearing support socks or compression pantyhose you need to ask your doctor. Know that you simply aren’t alone in this ailment and there are things that you can do to remedy it on your own.

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