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As Brainiac Hung Up On Them

Shrinking cities.
Destroy Superman.

Brainiac is an alien android appearing as a significant antagonist in DC Comics. He’s repeatedly portrayed as certainly one of Superman’s arch-nemesis (a trait he shares with Lex Luthor) on account of his actions on the planet Krypton and has gone on to develop into one in all DC’s most dangerous and formidable foes since his debut.He along with Lex Luthor are one in every of the primary antagonists of the Superman franchise.

Brainiac was created on the alien planet of Colu to act as a humanoid interface and the proper operating system for the planet’s huge laptop network. He developed by sorting and storing massive amounts of the planet’s information and information and finally gained complete sentience. Brainiac was then used as a spy by Colu’s ruling class, as a consequence of rebels springing up that have been trying to navy bape t shirt deliver down the oppressive authorities. To make him seem like a standard Coulan, Brainiac was given a “son”, Quil Dox, who would later develop into called Brainiac 2. Together with his cover intact, Brainiac succeeded in infiltrating the rebels and bringing them down from inside.

Nevertheless he became too unbiased and turned on his masters, bringing them down as properly. But with two groups now towards him, Brainiac left Colu, finally establishing himself on one other planet known as Bryak, earlier than he was pushed out of there as properly. He determined to comply with one of his original directives, info gathering, however now for his own gain.

Clashes with Superman
Brainiac with a shrunken city.

It when the humanoid laptop tried to take Metropolis that he had his first encounter with Superman. The Man of Steel managed to stop Brainiac, regardless of his superior technology, and drive him away from Earth. The humanoid computer determined that Superman was the last word check of his abilities, one that may ensure success in his targets of conquest within the universe. Brainiac tried many times to defeat Superman using numerous schemes and even joined forces with Lex Luthor on account of their shared level of high-intellect.

Brainiac’s new extra robotic body
New Beginnings

On the plant Colu, there was a scientist named Vril Dox, who actually cloned himself to create a lab assistant, a clone that can be known as Vril Dox II. After acquiring a spaceship, Vril Dox journeyed throughout the universe to acquire knowledge and captured members of numerous alien species with use of robot drones. At one level, he went to Krypton while General Zod was alive and stole all the metropolis of Kandor, which he shrunk and put in his ship. Vril Dox also built a remote scout unit, which he truly programmed to think it was Vril Dox.

Battling Superman
The scout unit ultimately came to Earth as a cloud of nanotech robots, taking over the physique of sideshow psychic, Milton Effective, who labored below the name “Brainiac”. Since he wanted cranial fluid to keep Nice below his control, Vril Dox pressured him to go on a killing spree. He eventually discovered that Positive did even have psychic powers, which he used to battle Superman. Finally Brainiac was captured by Lex Luthor, however he used his powers to take control of Lexcorp and made the company’s scientists construct a version of his Coluan type.

A collection of diodes on his head elevated and stabilized Brainiac’s psychological powers and allowed him to immediately entry laptop banks. He continued to come into battle with Superman, battling him with a mix of mental power and management of computers, even shrinking cities on one occasion like he did in his first incarnation. After dropping access to Milton Fine’s body, Brainiac positioned his thoughts in a brand new robotic physique referred to as “Brainiac 2.5” and briefly sought to take Superman’s physique.

Brainiac 13
Later Conflicts

When Imperiex attacked, Brainiac 2.5 and thirteen obtained involved within the battle. Though at first they helped the heroes of Earth battle Imperiex, the 2 modified sides, but this ended up backfiring. Brainiac 13 was destroyed when he was despatched back in time to the large Bang and Brainiac 2.5’s management of Lena Luthor was broken, thus he’s now thought of deceased. Later on, a clone of Brainiac joined forces with a future Brainiac mannequin, Brainiac eight A.Okay.A. Indigo who’d been despatched to kill Donna Troy and ensure Colu’s existence. The Brainiac clone tried to repeat itself utilizing a secret Lexcorp facility, however Starfire destroyed him together with the ship he was in.

Brainiac preventing Superman and Batman.
Nonetheless Supergirl stopped the missile, while Superman freed himself and introduced Brainiac to Earth. However as the Man of Steel was distracted with saving Metropolis and Kandor, Brainiac attacked the Kent farm, resulting within the death of Jonathan Kent. The U.S. Government then captured Brainiac, turning him over to Project 7734 and Lex Luthor tried to flee the venture with him. But Brainiac did not go along with him, since he had another plan, though it’s unknown what it’s, only that it involved an alliance of two masterminds in opposition to Superman.

Television appearance
Brainiac is the secondary antagonist in Superman: The Animated Collection, Justice League and Justice League Limitless, behind Lex Luthor.

Brainiac Luthor
Nevertheless, it was reveal that Brainiac did not plan to kill Lex Luthor, however as an alternative install a nanotech of his program into his physique as backup plan. Through the years, it started to develope in Luthor’s body, defending it from any hurt as to when it cured Luthor of his cancer from the Kryptonite he held onto for years and one time used it on Superman after the Justice League was formed.

Years later, as Lex Luthor was working with Challenge Campus, he stole technology from them and used it to create an android body for himself to border and destroy Superman. Nevertheless, after Amanda Waller destroyed the android body and Luthor encountered the core members of the Justice League, Brainiac started to take management of his physique as Luthor’s arms reworked into wired tentacles and his clothes teared apart to reveal Brainiac’s face upon Luthor’s chest, which Superman quickly recognized.

After Brainiac’s failed try to transport himself within the body of the android, he, in Luthor’s physique, escape from the Justice League and to Cadmus’ headquarters where they encountered Darkish Heart technology. Brainiac used Luthor’s tentacle arms to turn the entire Dark Coronary heart technology into liquid steel that surrounded Luthor’s body and merged him and Brainiac together in a golden android body. As soon as mixed, they now suppose as one as they each deliberate to study in regards to the universe and reshape it into their picture.

As soon as the Justice League arrived at Cadmus’ headquarters, they shockingly witnessed it being transformed into a large machine the place Brainiac Luthor was seen constructing it. Superman believed Luthor was navy bape t shirt still underneath Brainiac’s control and instructed him to struggle it. Luther, however, admits he’s now working with Brainiac and is planning to rule the universe with him. Brainiac created robotic duplicates of himself to hold off the Justice League, but Luthor urged a better idea as he transformed the androids into the Justice Lords. The Justice League destroyed their robotic duplicates of their alternate selves after which destroyed Brainiac Luthor’s machine. However, they were then unconcious by the rubble, leaving only the Flash left standing, but also injured. Flash gleefully advised Brainiac Luthor they misplaced, however Brainiac Luthor attempted to kill him as they knew the Flash from the Justice Lord’s universe turned them evil, which Brainiac Luthor believed might have the same influence on theirs. Flash managed to escape from Brainiac Luthor and ran away from him, much to his delight. Brainiac Luthor then began to rebuild his machine till he discovered Flash working in the direction of him. As Flash struck past him, he broke by Brainiac Luthor’s android body as part of his robotic arm was destroyed, revealing Luthor’s flesh. Flash continously ran all over the world several occasions, utilizing the Velocity Pressure to strike Brainiac Luthor till Brainiac was lastly destroyed and faraway from Luthor’s physique.

Nonetheless, later on within the sequence, Luthor may see Brainiac in his mind and was still in league with him which was revealed as Lex Luthor was attempting to flee prison. As Luthor was saved and recruited by Grodd, who is the leader of the Legion of Doom, Grodd introduced him with a small piece of expertise of Brainiac to convince Luthor to hitch him. Luthor agreed. Nevertheless, Luthor grew impatient and tired of Grodd being in command of him, so he betrayed him, took over the Legion of Doom, and started experimenting with the piece of Brainiac. Luthor then come to appreciate that the piece of Brainiac was worthless, but it then showed Luthor Brainiac’s last recognized whereabouts in outer area. He and the Legion of Doom transformed their headquarters into a space station and flew it into outerspace. After arriving at their vacation spot, Luthor forced Tala to deliver Brainiac back, but as a substitute brought back Darkseid. Eversince Darkseid was brought again to life, Brainiac was not inside Luthor’s head, and Luthor sacrificed himself and Darkseid with the Anti-Life Equation.

Brainiac (Smallville).

Film appearance
Lego Justice League Cosmic Clash

Brainiac in Lego Justice League Cosmic Clash
Brainiac is the principle antagonist in LEGO DC Universe movie, Lego Justice League Cosmic Clash, voiced by Phil Lamarr.

Brainiac seems initially of the film, the place his ship seems earlier than a planet that is shrunken down and positioned inside a glass jar. As Brainiac is about to place it in his collection, nonetheless, he journeys and by accident damages it. Brainiac decides to change the damaged planet by collecting the planet Earth as a substitute.

Upon arriving Earth, Brainiac comes face to face with the Justice League. After their battle in area, Superman tosses Brainiac’s ship far away from orbit.

After Brainiac returns to his dwelling planet, Brainiac Prime, he orders one in every of his robot form, Brainiac 1.Four, to repair his damaged ship. Brainiac then come throughout two other versions of himself, Brainiac 1.2 and 1.Three, who both envy Brainiac of his superiority over them. They both mock at his ship’s soot marks that resembles a black eye and a mustache from his battle with the Justice League. Brainiac tells his underlings it’s nothing he can’t handle as he goes over to a smaller version of his ship. As Brainiac disembarks from his planet, his two underlings devise a technique to destroy him to take over.

As soon as Brainiac returns to Earth, he comes across Superman, Wonder Woman, and Inexperienced Lantern. This time, he blasts them with a ray sending them across time as Brainiac indicated them as a risk to him the most. Brainiac then broadcasts a worldwide message, telling the individuals of Earth that he will use his drones to scan everyone after which catalyze them before he shrinks the planet and locations it in his assortment.

As Flash and Batman travel again in time to save the Justice League, Cyborg calls upon Supergirl to assist him combat Brainiac’s drones. While the heroes destroy his drones of their scanning process, Brainiac turns into outraged by it and activate’s his drone’s defense systems.

Brainiac quickly discovers Green Lantern and Surprise Girl who’re returned to the present by Batman and have helped Cyborg and Supergirl end off the last of Brainiac’s drones. Brainiac contacts Brainiac 1.2 and 1.3 and asks them the progress of his ship’s repairs. Brainiac 1.3 sarcastically tells him it’s good to see him too after his sudden perspective with them. Brainiac tells him he didn’t imply that as he says he is in the course of one thing. Brainiac 1.2 mocks him as they’re additionally in the midst of something. He then tells Brainiac his ship is sort of full and will convey it to him once it is ready. As Brainiac hung up on them, he presses a button on his ship’s controls, blasting a ray down upon the Justice League, opening a portal that several dinosaurs are seen coming out of.

In the meantime, Batman and Flash journey to the future to avoid wasting Superman there. Upon arriving, they uncover Metropolis is now destroyed as Brainiac took over. Brainiac’s drones seem and attack the time machine, sending Flash again to the present and leaving Batman stranded. Just then, Batman comes face to face with Superman merged with Brainiac who knew Batman‘s intentions to save the opposite two heroes and made positive he despatched Superman to cease him in the future. As Brainiac Superman is about to destroy Superman, he’s stopped by Legion of Superheroes: Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy, and Saturn Woman, who helps Batman escape from him.

Brainiac Superman later runs into the Legion of Superheroes after they destroy Brainiac’s drones to lure him and defeats them with ease, though it was truly an illusion made by Saturn Woman. He then finds Batman in the Batcave where Batman dons his Bat-Gorilla swimsuit and fights Brainiac Superman with. Though Batman struggles, he manages to trick Brainiac Superman into opening a vault containing Kryptonite, which Brainiac Superman congratulates Batman for planning ahead when Superman turns evil. However, Batman reveals that the Krptonite’s not a part of his plan as he places a sunlight machine on his swimsuit, blasting Brainiac Superman with sunlight from. Nevertheless, Brainiac manages to resist it and is about to finish Batman as he holds a large penny in his hand. As Brainiac tells Batman his friend Superman is gone ceaselessly, Superman manages to fight again Brainiac and frees himself from his control. Superman is then despatched to the current as he remembered who he is, however Batman is still stranded sooner or later. That’s until the Legion of Superheroes appear in a time machine.

Back in the present, after the heroes imprison the dinosaurs in a green cage made by Green Lantern, Superman seems earlier than them and congratulates them. Because the heroes realizes that Batman is missing nevertheless, Brainiac laughs triumphantly as he bought rid of him. He then recieves a message saying his ship is repaired. As soon as Brainiac arrives on his ship, Brainiac 1.2 and 1.3 are there and presents to him a shrink ray system. As they provide it to him, nonetheless, Brainiac already finds out the system is a booby trap they made for him, and he destroys them for it. He then places the shrink ray machine in his head and makes use of it to shrink the Earth and place it inside a bottle. Happily, Batman returns to the current after he used a time machine from the Legion of Superheroes.

Brainiac is later seen in a jailcell, observing a penny that he provides to his new collection of coins. Because the Justice League are watching him on the Corridor of Justice, Flash wonders if Brainiac will acquire all coins. Batman tells him it’s impossible as he says that new coins are made every year and it won’t ever end Brainiac’s collection.

Video Video games
LEGO Batman 2: DC Tremendous Heroes

Brainiac appears at the very finish of the game and leaves a cliffhanger for the third sport. He is seen on his ship watching a screen with energy and says “I have positioned it”.

LEGO Batman 3: Past Gotham
Brainiac reappears as the principle antagonist of the sequel. He captures all seven members of the Lantern Corps and mind control to carry them in their cells. Simply as the Justice League are battling Lex Luthor, The Joker, Cheetah, and Solomon Grundy, and the Justice League prepare to return to Earth with them subdued, they’re halted by Brainiac, who all of a sudden sends a transmission to the Watchtower, revealing his plan: to make use of the combined powers of the Lantern Corps to charge a shrink ray which will miniaturize Earth, allowing Brainiac so as to add it to his growing assortment of planets. In the end, after the Justice League managed to return Earth to its correct measurement, with the combined power of the Latern Corps, Superman is out chilly, giving Brainiac the possibility to enlarge him and mind management him. The Justice League builts a generate to electrocute Superman to interrupt him free from Brainiac’s management, but has no have an effect on. Robin then realizes that when Brainiac took control of Batman’s thoughts, Robin was capable of free Batman by giving him a speech. As large Superman grabs Batman in his hand, Batman gives a speech to him that admits Batman as his pal. This enables Superman to interrupt free from Brainiac’s management and capture Brainiac as he tosses his ship away. At the top of the game, Brainiac is seen inside the identical jail cell with Joker and Lex Luthor, trapped inside of a tiny bottle. Joker and Lex Luthor laughs at Brainiac about how small he’s, solely to by accident break his bottled imprisonment, reverting him again to regular dimension, a lot to Joker and Luthor’s horrors. It is unknown if he escaped imprisonment after that.

Scribblenauts Unmasked
Brainiac is secretly working with Doppelganger at the start of the game as Doppelganger is causing havoc and teaming up with supervillains within the DC world. As soon as Maxwell and the Justice League arrive on Brainiac’s spaceship, Brainiac and Doppelganger appears before Lily and takes her globe away. They then attempt to teleport her and Maxwell away, however to no avail. Brainiac unveals his plan to rule the multiverse with the help of alternate Brainiacs from different dimensions who appear and kind the Brainiac collective, planning to erase all life in existence. Brainiac then orders Doppelganger to protect them as he calls him his good Men’s Defenders Luke Cage Print Long Sleeve T-Shirt friend. Doppelganger becomes so confused, after he’s advised by Maxwell that Brainiac is deceivng him, and says he feels incomplete, as navy bape t shirt if he’s missing somthing. Lily soon realizes he is lacking a twin sister and advises Maxwell to create one for him. As Maxwell creates Doppelily, Doppelganger now realizes how Brainiac used him and uses his powers to struggle him off. Maxwell and Lily rushes over to Cyborg, who was hacked by Brainiac, and manages to repair him. Before Brainiac teleports him, Cyborg explains to Maxwell and Lily that Brainiac can solely teleport folks from his dimension and is about to inform them the important thing to defeating him till he is then teleported away. Soon after, Doppelganger is defeated by Brainiac. Simply then, Lily and Doppelily give you an thought to summon alternate heroes from different dimensions, which Maxwell is able to as he summons an army of alternate heroes who take on the Brainiac Collective. In the end, Brainiac and his alternate selves are defeat and Doppelganger is reformed.

Injustice 2
Brainiac appears in Injustice 2 as the primary antagonist and remaining boss of the game.

Powers and skills
Brainiac using his Ultra Drive Shield.

It came with numerous weapons, including red sun torpedos and robotic tentacles. The incarnation of Brainiac after Disaster on Infinite Earths has an especially high stage of intelligence. He used powerful telekinetic and telepathic abilities whereas controlling Milton Positive. Brainiac’s robotic varieties have the power to manage machines and possess superhuman power.

Within the early drafts of Superman III the character of Gus Gorman was intended to be a disguise for Brainiac in order that he might function freely on Earth. The producers rejected this concept, and Gorman – played by the late Richard Pryor – was instead used as comic relief within the completed film.
The unique incarnation of Brainiac was the basis for the one within the 1990’s Superman animated series, however he’s as a substitute a Kryptonian interface for the planet’s computer system.
Superman has speculated the incarnation of Brainiac after Crisis on Infinite Earths had a direct hand in destroying Krypton.
Despite being Pure Evil in most incarnations, his present Prime Earth iteration is significantly much less evil (although remains to be a planet destroying mass murderer), and has proven (within the 2016 miniseries “Telos”) a big diploma of honour in upholding his arrangement to assist Telos discover his household in pennance for taking him away from them, and he was also shown to care an incredible deal for his biological daughter Techne, and went out of his solution to forsake the power Computo could have supplied him in favour of saving her life.