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Black People Issues

So weaves. Its a factor. First query on this thing, and really, it is kind of the doozy. I plan on holding this blog mild, as in not quite a lot of huge, BLM sorta situations because I don’t know rather a lot about it, however weaves have rather a lot within the realm of racism, requirements of beauty, and the way black ladies in the US are looked at. However here goes.

Weaves are hair extensions which are clipped in or sewn into the hair already there. They’re hair extensions.

They add fullness to the hair and can give you a complete new look. However it is primarily attributed to black women. Why Black women will not be the only people to use hair extensions.

One is that a whole lot of the time, we harm our hair, making it fall out and break off. Perms, dyes, and flat ironing can do lots of damage to your hair, to the purpose where it falls, out, looses its shine, and may be dry and thin. Weaves do away with the embarrassment of having bald spots all around the place.

But why do black women do that predominantly
Effectively, to straighten it.

In quite a lot of locations, natural hair continues to be thought of less fairly than straight hair. It’s looked at as “wild”, “crazy”, and stuff like that (real issues folks have natural remy hair weave mentioned to me). Perms and excess ironing are makes an attempt to make our hair slot in with these round us. White individuals. The european-commonplace look is the standard look that many find essentially the most attractive. White folks, for a long time, determined what was stunning, and it wasn’t black ladies. Consequently, black girls take to flat ironing our hair, adding perms, which uses chemicals to straighten hair.

When I was little, I hated my hair. I tried to wrestle it straight, flat-ironing, and perming. However that takes upkeep. And it’s laborious to keep our hair trying straight. My hair, with out product, may be “straight” for maybe 2 days if I go outside. The frustration is actual. So this rigorous use of merchandise to look the best way they do leads to wreck to the hair, which results in weave. Some minimize out the middle man and simply go straight to weave.

This isn’t the only purpose folks use weaves. Some say its easier to keep up with. Others just like the way it appears to be like.

Sometimes, weaves can protect curly hair from the elements. Curls may be fragile, and weaves cover up and protect our hair from the sun and snow.

100g Straight Indian Remy Hair #8 Light BrownSome just do it so possibly individuals will cease walking up and grabbing our natural hair. Everyone has their own cause. But the fact that black women are really low on the totem pole of attractive when perceived, does it really shock that black ladies attempt to vary it.

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