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High 5 Punisher’s Lowest Print Runs

2017 New Cotton Autumn Marvels Iron Fist Children's T-shirtThe Punisher holds a special place in the Marvel universe: it’s thought of a nicely beloved character, but plainly his comics don’t sell all that nicely. Marvel has actually tried the whole lot, but the market doesn’t appear willing to assist a personality that at a time had three common series. Since then he died, grew to become an angel, came back, punched a polar bear, laughed at super-heroes, left the Marvel Universe, came back, left again and came back to stay, dying a few times on the way in which.

Yesterday, we acquired a primary glimpse of him on Daredevil’s trailer for his second season, so are we looking at a doable return to the moon knight t shirt general public eye for this character Just in case, it’s time to take a look at some undersellers …


Print run: 11,348
With a cover that may probably really feel more at home in a What The difficulty, the final difficulty of this over-the-top mini had the smallest print run of any Punisher comic in recent historical past. I didn’t even learn a type of “it’s so dangerous it’s good” opinions on this, it just seemed to come back out and disappear. Weird!


Print run: Eleven,968
Though I reserved a spot on the honorable mentions for MAX titles, I simply wanted to include this one right here to underscore the size of our number one’s print run. There are literally less copies of that than of the final challenge of a MAX mini with not very talked-about creators. Watch individuals combat over copies of House Punisher #four the second it becomes a kitsch basic!!!

PUNISHER: Within the BLOOD #5

Print run: 14,468
More proof that people aren’t proud of Punisher comics … Written by Remender and his final arc (resetting the character after his, in my opinion, great Frankencastle run), this mini started at 20K and dropped down to 14K over its 5 issues. Remender did some great things with the character, the whole arc the place he fights the Hood, and especially its decision, is chilling.


Print run: 15,381
Another mini whereas Marvel was, I am guessing here, trying to discover a inventive crew for an everyday series, another failure in gross sales numbers. The sequence started below 18K, proving that persons are either sick of the character or his lack of route.

PUNISHER (2014) #sixteen

Print run: 19,526
Something a bit extra worrying moon knight t shirt right here, challenge #sixteen of the last common collection went underneath 20K in little more than a year. Whereas the previous few points picked up a few readers to end with round 22K, the collection was canceled with #20. One other try at giving Castle a brand new route, this time by the hands of on the rise indie author Nathan Edmonson.

Print run: 22,811

The moon knight t shirt trailer hit yesterday and it seems like the Punisher is going to be a big a part of Daredevil’s 2nd season, possibly making people pay attention to their crossovers in comics. The final concern has the lowest print run of the bunch, and almost half of the first issue’s (38,310).

Print run: all around the place

Joining the aforementioned Untold Tales of Punisher Max, the MAX imprint gave us loads of other underselling one-pictures: Tiny Ugly World (15,071), Sizzling Rods Of Demise (16,113), Butterfly (16,164) or Get Castle (18,195) are the ones with the lowest promoting numbers, as Marvel burnt through their fill-in inventory.

On the top-scratching division, Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon’s series started low (29,106) and sunk even decrease by the end (17,738). If these two names can’t make the Punisher sell, who can

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