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Slick Back Hair Style: How you can Get The Look

The Slick Back hair model (also referred to as slicked-again hairstyle) is a medium-size men’s hairstyle that essentially has the hair swept back in a manner so that the hair seems to be flat and has hardly any quantity. The Slick Back fashion was a quite common hairstyle at the flip of the 20th century as so was slicking the hair to the facet; these days, the Slick Back hair model is commonly seen within the enterprise setting because the Slick Back is a good enterprise hair fashion.

Hair size class

Appropriate hair type
Straight, wavy

Haircut for the Slick Back Hair Model
The Slick Back has a medium length on the top (2-6 inches) whereas the sides/again could be left at the same length as the highest or tapered with scissors; the hair on the sides and again ought to have sufficient size to be able to be directed (i.e. slicked) except for the hair near the hairline. In case you select to have a particular length between four and 6 inches, then don’t keep the back and sides at the same length, for the hair on the back/sides will tend to dangle down and shall be close to impossible to slick again without deteriorating the overall shape of the Slick Again hairstyle.

Haircut problem
2 out of 5

Styling the Slick Back Hair Model
Ensure that your hair is damp and coated in either pomade, hair gel or a styling cream previous to doing the Slick Again. Then, use a standard comb to direct the hair on the top of the pinnacle backwards; the combing thrust should proceed proper till the nape’s hairline, so you will be combing back in a straight line from the forehead’s hairline till the nape’s hairline (i.e. after you pass the vertex of the head with the comb, you can be following the contour of your head and combing down to reach the nape).

The primary combing thrust for the slicked-again hairstyle is to be carried out on the center of the highest of the head and starting at the forehead’s hairline. As soon as you’ve got the center of the top of the top combed backwards, do the remainder of the head’s high, beginning again with the comb set on the forehead’s hairline and slicking the hair back. After the highest of the head has been slicked backwards, proceed to do the sides of the head as you proceed to start the comb on the forehead’s hairline.

The precise combing to slick the hair is performed by gently urgent the comb down onto the pinnacle as you run the comb by way of the locks of hair. Likewise, to do the slicking motion, keep the comb angled backwards in order that the comb makes a 150-degree angle with the section of the scalp that has been slicked; this middle part long weave allows the flattening of the hair as you run the comb.

Once all the hairline bordering the face is combed backwards (i.e. the hairline of the forehead and temples), it is time to do any retouches. Spot within the mirror the place on the scalp the hair hasn’t been flattened adequately; essentially you want your hair to comply with the contour of your skull shape exactly. Whenever you spot some incorrectly-flattened hair sections on the scalp, run the comb by means of it to re-slick the hair though be sure that, irrespective of where the hair to be corrected is positioned on the scalp, you start the slicking of the hair at the forehead’s hairline after which run the comb backwards to eventually pass it over the incorrectly-flattened hair is.

Styling difficulty
three out of 5

Which well-liked male has sported a cool Slick Back hair type
Actor Michael Douglas sports activities the Slick Back hair model in the film Wall Road: Cash Never Sleeps.

Michael Douglas on the correct with a Slick Back hair type
Men’s hair products to slick back your hair as a mode

Hair gel (robust hold)
Styling cream
Excessive-high quality comb
The Men’s Hair Book
100s 0.5g/s Straight Micro Loop Hair Extensions #2 Darkest BrownThe Slick Again hairstyle is a superb styling choice if you wish to exude a basic look while preserving your hair at a medium length. As a hairstyle for an workplace setting, the Slick Again hairstyle provides an important various for these men who wish to still rock their medium size hair exterior of the office but still keep a neat look throughout working hours!

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