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Tales Of My Waist Length Hairventure!

So what’s been up with my hair It is all tucked away..*feeling pleased with myself*. I am virtually 3 weeks publish relaxer. I relaxed at 4 weeks post..more like a corrective relaxer because my roots reverted so much I just didn’t know what to do anymore. I will give details in my next post.

Virgin Malaysian Remy Straight Hair 12 inch  to 32 inch Jet Black 100gProper after the meetup, I determined it was time to check out the Darkish and Lovely Braids and Weaves SOS Hairline range of products I got from their office at no cost 2 weeks ago, to use and overview. I fell utterly in love with the packaging of the merchandise particularly the roots applicator bottles wherein most of them came in. They gave me two each of the products pictured below. I actually couldn’t wait to make use of these as I preferred the ingredients in the less than these I do know.

My common hairdresser had travelled so I acquired this weave with a new one, but I liked her too because she was so gentle with the braids. She didn’t pull tight in any respect and i even braided my there’s a product that guarantees your edges will keep intact even when you weave it.

I asked how she was going to braid and sew the tracks so I could have access to my scalp. She proposed the circular way. She added extensions to solely the primary 5 rows. From the fifth to the crown, she did not add any as she stated it wasn’t vital. The truth is, I dozed off alongside the way..first time ever..and she was almost performed by the point I woke. After taking this shot, I realised after which mentioned how troublesome it could be for me to entry my scalp if the weave was sewn in a U-half means as proven beneath as the front half was sewn throughout the cornrows. Nonetheless, it was fairly late and I used to be too drained to have it done yet again. We agreed that subsequent time, the half in entrance needs to be braided throughout in order that the tracks be sewed along the cornrows. I think that is possible and we’ll strive that subsequent time.

I made an enormous mistake after i obtained the weave put in. I bought home late that day and went to the salon after 6pm. I just grabbed the extensions and went to the salon. The extensions have been in their packs but I bought them over 6 months ago so I actually ought to have washed them after which rinsed with ACV solution. My scalp itched like crazy for the first 3 days though I applied the Anti-Itch Scalp Soother messy ponytail long hair all through twice a day. I was scratching like loopy and screaming..asking my sisters to take it off. I had to messy ponytail long hair scrub my hair by the third night time. After washing and drying, I utilized the Anti-Itch Scalp Soother and praise my soul it comes in an applicator bottle so making use of is really, really easy. Right now is the 3rd day since I washed however my scalp nonetheless itches. Not as crazily as earlier than although. I still apply to my scalp 2 times a day and apply the SOS hairline to the hairline space as properly.

I’m wanting forward to the itch stopping utterly because I actually would not have time to undo this weave till after 2 weeks as I will probably be away from residence the next 2 weekends. I will continue utilizing the Scalp Soother and SOS Hairline from the range till these weaves come off. I might not want to make use of the opposite two for now. I’ll wash my hair tomorrow and each three days as typical. I completely suppose that both the weave is irritating my scalp as it’s a synthetic weave, or the hairdresser though gentle, has “unhealthy”palms for my scalp. However, I want this Scalp soother to soothe my scalp actual quickly and for the SOS Hairline to maintain my hairline intact.

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