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Marvel Puzzle Quest Wiki

Clint Barton, a.okay.a Hawkeye, grew to become the greatest sharpshooter recognized to man.
100% Cotton site Short Sleeve Custom Casual Children's T-shirtThen he joined the Avengers.

In his off time, he performs along with his canine, and Kate Bishop lets him grasp out along with her. That is all that you must know

Because… BoomerangsEdit
Power Value
Boomerang arrow, it mens deadpool shirt dress comes again to you in the long run. Boomerang. Respect it. Creates three power 26 pink strike tiles and a three-turn purple Countdown tile that removes up to three pleasant strike tiles and offers 611 harm.

Level Upgrades:
Stage 2: Creates mens deadpool shirt dress energy 33 pink strike tiles and deals 701 damage after they’re removed
Level 3: Creates power 38 pink strike tiles and deals 818 damage after they’re eliminated
Level four: Creates strength 44 red strike tiles and offers 935 harm after they’re eliminated
Stage 5: Creates energy fifty five pink strike tiles and offers 1169 injury after they’re removed

Level Upgrades:
Stage 2: Upgrades Hawkeye’s Explosive, Ant-Man, Acid, Shrapnel and Sonic Arrows.
Degree 3: Creates 2-turn Countdown tiles.
Stage four: Upgrades Hawkeye’s Bola, Explosive, Ant-Man, Acid, Shrapnel and Sonic Arrows.
Degree 5: Upgrades Hawkeye’s Bola, Explosive, Ant-Man, Acid, Shrapnel, Sonic and Smoke Bomb Arrows.

Full Quiver Extra Data
No Good NewsEdit

Power Cost
Hawkeye is caught extraordinarily off guard. Every thing terrible, oh god any person do something. Restore 568 well being to HAwkeye and create 2 random energy 22 enemy Protect, Strike or Assault Tiles.

(PASSIVE) Whenever you match an enemy special tile, acquire 1 blue AP and 1 purple AP.
Level Upgrades:
Stage 2: Heals Hawkeye for 735 harm and created 3 random enemy Strike, Assault Men’s Classic Marvel Ghost Rider Print Long Sleeve Tee Shirt or Protect tiles.
Level 3: Heals Hawkeye for 813 injury and if you happen to match and enemy particular tile, gain 2 Blue AP.
Level 4: Heals Hawkeye for 952 injury.
Degree 5: Heals Hawkeye for 1197 injury, creates four random enemy Strike, Attack or Protect tiles, and achieve 2 purple AP if you happen to match an enemy special tile.

At mens deadpool shirt dress Max Stage:
Degree 3: Heals hawkeye for 2,538 health and creates 3 random strength 70 enemy Protect, Strike or Assault tiles. Acquire 2 Blue AP and 1 Purple AP for matching an enemy particular tile.
Degree 4: Heals Hawkeye for 2,972 injury.
Level 5: Heals Hawkeye for 3,737 damage and creates 4 random power 70 enemy Protect, Strike, or Assault tiles. Whenever you match an enemy particular tile gain 2 Blue AP and a pair of Purple AP.

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