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Abigail Konechny: Fusion Hair Extensions Vs Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Right this moment Im going to talk about the pros and Cons of Fusion Hair Extensions and Micro ring Hair Extensions.

We know there are two main sorts of methods: cold and hot.
Fusion is a hot method using a U-tipped Hair Extension.
Micro ring is a cold method, using no heat and i-tipped hair extensions.

Hair Extensions have turn out to be the must-have accessory of celebrities and starlets on the red carpet and in magazines.

Its easier to spot the celebrity not wearing extensions
So what are they, what the distinction between them

They are both highly effective hair extensions in there personal proper.
They’re each utilized by a strand by strand method.
Both are considered “safe”.
Both need an expert to install.

Fusion Hair Extensions
The bonds of the hair extension is a natural source, it isn’t glue but a protein bond.
This method is probably the most well-known.
Fusion tipps are formed in a U shape, retailed sold as ‘U-Tipped Hair Extensions”. The U-Tip allows easy application, as the u-tip is curved around the purchasers hair.
Can be used on hair 3-4 inches long.
can be used very near hair line as the keratin bonds are subsequent to invisible to the eye.
Allows very pure looking extensions, due to the strand by strand application.
Can add Highlights and lowlights.

To remove the Fusion hair extension a special acetone based remover is applied on the keratin bond. If that doesnt break the bond it is advisable crush it with pliers and further more having to comb the keratin out. This may increasingly cause breakage especially in the unsuitable palms.
Utility can take approximately 4 hours to apply and upto 4 hours to remove.
You will need to use non-silicone products on your hair.
You will also need to use loads of hair treatments.
Tougher to re-use hair.
Count on shedding.
May cause damage if the client doesn’t follow the “care leaflet”.
Prolonged wear may cause damage.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions
Newest software methodology and has proven great feedback and results.
Easy application, Tipped in a “i” shape, retailers naming them “i-tipped hair extensions” taking approximately three hours to put in a full head of hair extensions
Much less Shedding.
No Keratin or glue is hot fused into the hair, making removing time minimal – approximately 1 hour.
You can reuse this hair easy by retipping the individual strands.
The long cheap hair extensions micro ring has a inside tube made of silicone, to cushion the shoppers hair to scale back threat of damage
Can add Highlights and lowlights.

The tube is a 5mm diameter, so it cant be placed too close to the hairline, roughly 1.5 inches away from the hairline.
May cause damage if the client does not follow the “care leaflet”.
Prolonged use could cause harm.
You will also need to use loads of hair treatments.
May be a little arduous to brush near the root.

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