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Chapter 2 Life And Loss of life

LIFEis a relentless introduction to demise, altering actuality immediately; all types of life are fractal holographic simulations of the eternal one. Deathless past this form, we are the chosen ones to stay inside kind so that we may be mortal and experiencedeath—but by no means really “die,”because there is actually only one underlying (life power) spirit. What this author believes is the reality, is that life is composed of 1 cosmic consciousness, animating all avatars, from atom to Adam; in other words, god created the universe with the intent of playing it by the lives of its own creation: Therefore, we (and Life itself)are the universe experiencing itself. Being none of them, but all of them, one consciousness, one increased self, acting as the participant of all characters rests as the central mover of all existence, itself unmoved.
As bodies, as people, we areall in a state of flux in a sea of change, so to suggest that the world is the way in which it is and there’s nothing you are able to do about it’s pure hogwash—all issues have their end and all issues have their new beginning. Nonetheless, what has at all times been and can always be, the essence of id, the source of self, theI-Amness, transcends the form of forms, unifying all life as a central, underlying force—the unchanging Self of selves.
Immortality is beyond our three dimensional senses to understand, but rest assured, past this ego we’re all related by an immortal soul; past this body-life, the universe is born and dies however is at all times reborn by way of the no-one and is, subsequently, immortal. There is only one spirit animating all of actuality in other ways based on their attributes and in numerous forms in response to their place and time, but nonetheless there is simply one in all us. The purpose of this singular consciousness differentiating and integrating itself can be that it is more effective to evolve in a fractal diversity of many individuated items of consciousness than by way of an unchanging, eternal existence.
Thus loss of life, with out life, can be a cosmic tragedy: peaceful, but not beautiful; life with out demise can be a cosmic tragedy: lovely, however not good—not in balance. The truth is that life and demise complement each other like twin flames; where one ends the opposite begins, and there’s as much demise in life as there may be life in demise.
As a result of there is only one spirit, we are only ever partly on this realm or that; for when we, like waves in an ocean, wax and wane, are available and out of that increased and universal consciousness, there will be only unfiltered consciousness of all reality; being so integral, the one is both here and now, and in every single place and nowhere. Sure, this world is an illusion, lovely and convincing, but you make it real—through and through—for who are you if not the universe itself The untouched, eternal treasure: the face of demise is the mask of eternal life.
Those who expertise dying and have basked in the sunshine of the eternal sun, havefelt its warmth, and know the depth of and want for surrender. Life is the mask that dying wears. Loss of life is not to be feared any greater than waking from a dream. Life is a dream, a simulation, what follows is definitely extra real, but what occurs here is felt there(after life) as desires or nightmares; life right here and now could be either a heaven or a hell, as we now have stated. Subsequently, beyond our restricted senses and perceptions, reality is stranger than theology or fiction could come up with, for we exist in both places without delay and go between them in good steadiness, whether or not we want to or not. Only when that balance is disrupted can we witness insanity—in different phrases we go loopy with out sleep, without separating from this mortal coil. Death is the ultimate deep sleep, whereby we turn into absolutely awake, and like how we greet this waking life with a way of “of course, this!” so too shall we awaken in demise to an outdated and forgotten actuality, rapidly resumed with the same continuity of “of course, this!”
lana del rey t shirt india company From the moment we are born we are dying, one foot in the eternal void and one foot within the hearth, i.e.,the physical world of change. The eternal void is as huge as cosmic consciousness, as open as love’s embrace, un-judging and with out boundary; it’s the condition both before and after life. Life is matter, ignited by the spark of consciousness, the flame that brings gentle to the eye of the void. In other phrases, life is matter imbued with consciousness, and consciousness, just like gravity and electromagnetism, is a power of nature. With out consciousness the physique is only a shell, and the person a mere automaton; when unconscious, one returns to the primitive state of the void—a plant-like situation we name a vegetative state (some come again to us from that state, remembering what it was like, however as the eye of empiricism overrides the attention of reason and contemplation, fashionable science dismisses their claims as abnormal or unsubstantiated).
Life just isn’t consciousness, consciousness shouldn’t be life, but life with out consciousness, from the cell to an organism, from micro to macro, couldn’t perform, as a result of it’s all resting on a foundation of consciousness; subsequently, consciousness by way of and through, is basic to all stages of being and realizing. This is smart if we consider evolution from the standpoint of fracticality, that the massive image might be found in every considered one of its elements like a shattered mirror. How could we have now consciousness, due to this fact, if it were not current from the very starting as a contingency for evolution
As pure as delivery, demise should not be feared, because the place there may be fear, there can be no love.With out love fact is obscured, and balance becomes unstable; so too beauty and style are abandoned and forgotten—for once we lose sight of the underlying unity of all issues, a solipsism takes over us, and our ability to transcend apparent boundaries, organize, and evolve properly dissolves. To be free from concern means to be free to love, to embrace life; it’s in such moments, after we embrace life, that we are extra capable and prepared to hunt stability, and achieve harmony. Rather than combating and fearing the unknown, we should discover what’s true, and be willing to toss into the fireplace whatsoever faux notions that have been instilled into ourworld.
By residing out of stability, in a relentless state of fear, humanity has created a world which has become fully destructive: even our creations are a way to destruction and additional punishment of an innocent planet. To live motivatedby love, utterly, would be better, due to an inherent openness that love fosters;where husbandry of the earth takes the place of trade as our major focus, or ecology takes precedent over financial system as the dominant human activity (because one is actual and the opposite a mere fiction), the place collaboration takes the place of competition. Nonetheless, to envision a stability or synthesis lana del rey t shirt india company to this distinction of worry and love, we must first replicate and are available to a realization of the stability inside and out,be enlightened by the truth of the best teacher, which is nature, and know ourselves, and the universe as one.
Much like life and demise are one, but apparently in contrast,seemingly inopposition to one another, so too we find ourselves and the universe in an obvious distinction; yet underlying the surface, We and the universe are one: we are the universe experiencing itself subjectively. Subsequently, solely by integrating our dying selvesand the eternal universe can we discover peace and abundance in a world evermore conflicting and self-destructive. To join life and demise, we will only be a part of ourselves to the universe and be conduits of the creative power referred to as love. And while it can be crucial for us to differentiate ourselves from the universe, we now have taken this differentiation too far by denying our connection to the ALL. Our solely recourse is to connect to and learn from the universe itself.
To take action requires a kind of loss of life in life: ego loss of life, a death of the lower self, a death of the self as we knew it before discovering reality, andasour self as we know it goes througha transformation, so to there can be a delicate transformationof the world as we all know it—because the self we all know is merely a product of the world we know, a illustration of it, and in killing that “self” we additionally kill the world which produced it. However, when we remake ourselves, we’re representative of the creative power that men have referred to as God, Love,or the quintessence of the universe itself—not in absolute phrases, however in terms of being a conduit for that power; receptive to the universe we grow to be like mirrors of actuality, reflecting its nature by embracing our natural humanity.
The embrace of death is the embrace of change, and the embrace of change is the embrace of life. One fears dying and life out of ignorance, for they’re one, and we are one in them. To be open to vary, one should be at all times aware that they themselves areeverchanging. To embrace reality, on this sense, is a kind of love that transcends all boundaries, and renders the one in harmony with the upper and most natural spirit: Agape. (John 4:7-8)
When this sort of universal, unconditional love exists—fear doesn’t. This fearless state is the state of all animals naturally, excepthumankind, however this doesn’t make humans better or worse, it merely means we have now extra challenges to face as imperfect incarnations of the supply,which has no title. We now have been taught out of ignorance or intended deception to worry demise, both for survival or for management. We have been taught that the universe started in chaos and should regularly attain for perfection, but in truth, the universe began in perfection (a state of permanentunity and harmony), fell from that perfection and has been put by the task of evolving so as to achieve that stage of perfection once again, this time from the underside up quite than the top down. Additional, in recognizing that perfection is an impossibility however pursuing its glory anyway, humanity fulfills certainly one of its many potential purposes: evolution.

Men's Booster Gold by KellCandido on DeviantArt Custom Long Sleeve T ShirtsTo improve the types to which we are accustomed, we must first bring death into them that they may breathe with the life of change for once, slightly than their intensification into bureaucratic stagnation, and administrative evil. Without the vitality of change, stagnancy lana del rey t shirt india company is the one true demise, lifelessly carried on with out objective or meaning; our varieties are perpetuated out of behavior, and praised out of ignorance. If we love ourselves, each other, and our society, we are going to foster and permit change in them.
In human life, when one turns into mounted in their ways, and their exercise is married to behavior, marred in stagnancy and thoughtlessness, that person isn’t any higher than a zombie, or a Non-Playable Character (NPC) in a video sport. To be alive is to remember and in control of one’s self in dignity and in well being, altering when crucial to fit the occasion, receptive to the world around us or ‘one’s self’. One’s actions are his and her own when they’re guided by a receptive, alive, and demanding mind; actions that stem from the deep roots of consciousness are actual or unique actions, and actions driven by the superficial, second-hand data fed to them by culture or so known as teachers, usually are not real or authentic actions but merely reactions to situational forces beyond their control.
A NPC might look like alive—behaving with vitality and expressing themselves in various fashions—but they’re merely one of the herd, either as an empty zombie or as a mere incarnation of the tradition; they don’t have any substance of their own—they have not grown within themselves enough to understand the underlying unity of all issues and due to this fact the futility of egocentrism. Basically that is what an NPC is, a pure ego, absent the empathic, sentimental capability for heroism: consciousness.
Due to this fact, as we age we grow, or we stay the same; it doesn’t matter what we’re going to die, however we could as properly really reside in the meantime. To be alive and not develop in life is the equivalent of eukaryotic life staying genetically the identical regardless of an setting conducive to dramatic change, preventing the tree of life from rising, bifurcating, and transcending its previous limitations. In other words, progress that’s inhibited, regardless of alternative, is against nature and in opposition to humanity. In any case where change is denied or restricted, the equal reverse reaction can be like a display door on a submarine or a concrete sidewalk cracking and broken by the weeds beneath.
Anywhere you could find life, you will, because that most highly effective pressure, once established can overcome all others. A hydra on the very foundation of the tree of life, roots set in the very elements of the universe. From nothing, to matter, to life, to mind, the trend of change indicates a greater potential ahead, of which we are able to only speculate and dream.
In any organism the place change is feared, so is life feared; we could as properly burn our works of art and return to the time of black and white. Suppressing the spectrum of colour by proscribing their expression, both by legislation or by cultural norms, results invariably in a bursting of the dam—either by revolt or by well-liked evolution. Reasonably than being creators of our personal world, now we have relied upon the strict security of a nostalgic fairytale of a greater time—when in all reality such a time has never existed; in actual fact we are dwelling in the better of occasions, which is saying a lot, as a result of issues usually are not all that nice for everybody as it’s to place issues evenly.
When confronted with this actuality folks can turn out to be hostile as they live vicariously by a bygone period. Nevertheless, when the hatred for change ends in inquisition or the burning of books, there may be a clear indication of the underlying mentality. Emphasizing continuity over change, such folks reside in a world of delusion, manufacturing a really perfect that has by no means and will never exist—tarrying in yesterday.
Because the human race fumbles itself cyclically advert infinitum, as a consequence of a love of the past, love of lifeless things (as a noun), a concern of the future, and fear of death (as a verb), we shall see history repeated senselessly; so long as our species is gripped by a fear of loss of life and alter, history will repeat itself, and the darkish corners of man’s soul will continue to lure him and rule him without his recognition or management. Having lived in such indignity for thus long, one should surprise whether or not our species will ever be prepared for liberation.