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Hair extensions are generally available in synthetic and virgin kind. Virgin hair refers to unprocessed hair from a single donor with all cuticles intact. Virgin hair will be handled as one’s own hair. Wholesale virgin hair is offered in the market as well as in many online stores. Good care is needed for human hair extensions. Thus before utilizing a look at the next maintenance tips is necessary:

Common Care:

Give a time of a day or two before using any cleansing chemicals to the hair extensions to avoid any form of harm. Whereas sleeping, it’s advisable to tie the hair in a ponytail to avoid tangling. Visit the hair stylist at regular interval.

Brushing is important in case of human hair extensions. However care should be taken that the brush has gentle bristles as exhausting bristles could make the hair a frizzy mess.

Chemical primarily based shampoos are usually not advisable for hair extensions. Hair should be washed backward in downward path to keep away from any tangling.

Leave on conditioners are good, but should not be applied in excess as they an catch up dirt easily. Conditioner should be used from mid-section of the hair till the end avoiding the lad hairstyles scalp.

Hair extensions last longer if dried naturally. If blow dry is required it needs to be utilized in low heat adopted by a cool blow.

Chemicals in the swimming pool aren’t good for synthetic hairs, so its good to use a hair cap. Another is to wet the hair beforehand to avoid the chemicals stick to the hair and wash instantly afterwards.

Thus, with the above easy upkeep fundamentals you may improve the life of your hair. Proper care and maintenance will make your hair gorgeous and stunning.

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