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Choosing the right Brush For your Hair

By J. Elaine Spear
Hairbrushes are available in 1000’s of kinds, materials, and designs. A low-finish plastic brush costs as little as $1 and a hand-tied boar brush as much as $100. The average worth for a decent brush is from $5 to $15. Figuring out what brushes to purchase begins with understanding the distinction in bristles (boar, nylon, porcupine, and metal) as nicely as the 4 fundamental classes of brushes (vented, cushioned, round, and classic). Other than that, selecting a specific design actually relies upon on your type of doing hair.

Types of bristles
10pcs Straight Virgin Brazilian Clip in Hair #1B Natural BlackVarious bristle patterns are available and they’re used for various purposes, as proven in Table 1. Each is designed to create different kinds or to care for specific forms of hair. Figuring out their primary functions helps you buy brushes that work for, as an alternative of against, your hairstyling efforts.

Desk 1: Brush Bristles and Their Life’s Work
Bristle Type

Its Function
Best On

This bristle is the precise hair of a boar (hog). kardashion hair Boar bristles are considered ultimate as a result of they shut the cuticle layer — the outside armor of your hair — and create shiny hair. As a result of boar bristles are typically weak, manufacturers normally mix them with nylon bristles, in order that they don’t collapse while you’re brushing by the hair.

Boar bristles are natural, smooth, versatile bristles that gently brush the hair and are suitable for use on kids. Manufacturers typically combine boar with nylon bristles to create a stronger styling capability.

This title represents a catchall category for all varieties of bristles manufactured from plastic, nylon, rubber, or similar materials. Nylon bristles can be soft and versatile or stiff and agency.

Nylon bristles offer little to maximum management, depending on how closely the bristles are placed and how versatile the material. As a rule, the stiffer and extra intently spaced the bristle, the more control you may have over the hair.

Earlier than you think about quills working by way of your hair, calm down. Porcupine is a time period used for a tufted bristle — a number of bristles grouped collectively — that often consists of a mix of boar and nylon bristles. It’s gentle, nevertheless it exerts a great hold on the hair.

This design is excellent for controlling positive hair, in addition to for totally brushing thick hair right all the way down to the scalp.

Except you’re styling a wig, steer clear of this category of bristles. Metal bristles — even with smooth plastic suggestions — are too inflexible to safely use on human hair.

Not recommended for anything but wigs and hairpieces.
Adding some fashion

Attempting to keep observe of all of the different styles of brushes can drive a perfectly sane particular person loopy, so that you solely need to be aware of four fundamental categories: traditional styling, cushioned, round, and vented. To be able to fashion any hair that comes your way, you should have at least one brush from every class. The next sections show you which brush or brushes you want for specific hairstyles.

Vented brush
This brush is an previous-type sensation that made Farrah Fawcett’s wings take flight. The brush has extensively spaced, versatile bristles. Openings in the top (the place the bristles are hooked up) permit for good airflow. At present, vented brushes are primarily used for drying hair as a result of they offer superior airflow, making short work of moisture. Vented brushes maintain pure movement as a result of their bristles by no means drive the hair into a selected form.

The ends of the sparsely spaced bristles have tiny, protecting balls to guard towards hair damage. Regularly check the ideas of all of your vented brushes. If even kardashion hair one ball is missing, the brush must be changed as a result of the uncovered bristles can injury the hair.

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