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The Religion Of Catwoman (Selina Kyle)

Selina Kyle’s religion was given solely in Catwoman: Her Sister’s Keeper.

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It was by no means explicitly stated, but it surely was slightly apparent she was supposed to be Catholic.

Since ‘CHK’ [Catwoman: Her Sister’s Keeper] is now out of continuity, I’d say we now not know her religion.

re: “The Huntress is probably Catholic too.”
I believe it was said somewhere that Helena is Catholic. Whether that is true and still in continuity are usually not one thing I know.

re: justice t shirts “The Gordons too possibly ”
I’ve never seen something that signifies the Gordons as Catholic. I always felt they had been Protestant. And for some reason, to me that makes more sense justice t shirts then the characters being Catholic.

From: Chris Small
Date: Fri, Jun 8 2001 5:39 pm
I’m unsure on what your supply for Catwoman being Catholic is, so what are you asking, precisely

Why is she a “unhealthy Catholic” – a Catholic who does not apply I feel you’d tread on less shaky ground in the event you referred to them as “non-practising justice t shirts Catholics.” I’m positive that “bad” Catholics don’t see anything “unhealthy” about their habits, which the former time period insinuates.

Or are you asking why they made a “bad” person (a criminal) a Catholic character
I do not assume it’s of any try and defame the religion – Catwoman is a sympathetic character, and we also have the Huntress – a ‘good man’ – for whom Catholicism (or at the very least, Christianity or religion in some type) performs an intricate part of the character.

From: Matches Malone
Date: Sat, Jun 9 2001 5:22 am
Within the original Catwoman miniseries (collected underneath the identify “Her Sister’s Keeper”), Selina was fairly clearly Catholic. Since DC not considers that collection canon, though, it may need modified.

From: MadiHolmes
Date: Solar, Jun 10 2001 8:18 pm
re: “Why is she a bad Catholic “

Nicely, Catholicism tends to look down on prostitutes… Also being an unrepentant thief has one thing to do with it.

From: “The Religious Affiliations of Super Heroes”, posted 27 June 2007 by Elizabeth “I am Professional-Accordion and that i Vote!” B. on Gather.com web site (http://www.collect.com/viewArticle.jsp articleId=281474977041058; considered 2 July 2007):

Okay, anyone could have guessed that Shamrock, a.k.a. Molly Fitzgerald, would have to be Catholic. But do you know that Superman is Methodist The Shadow is a Buddhist Who Women’s hawkman and hawkgirl cw Desgin Long Sleeve T-Shirt knew

A web site, www.comicbookreligion.com, makes an attempt to catalogue our Superfriends by religion and ethnicity…

Mugg Muggles, “The Man With the Jive”, Jun 27, 2007, 6:33pm EDT
…Catwoman is probably ‘Cat-Lick’.

From: “Your Spiritual Thought for the Day”, posted 15 July 2007 on “Roman de Renart” weblog webpage (http://foxeddc.livejournal.com/467235.html; considered 16 July 2007):

[Reader feedback:]
lamuella wrote:
Jul. 16th, 2007 12:25 am

…Huntress and Catwoman are each Catholics. Surprise Woman is a believer in the Greek pantheon (nicely, greater than a believer, she’s the champion of Pallas).

I am unable to consider any actively atheist superheroes, but any of them who’ve handled cosmic stuff couldn’t be atheists for long. The DC universe is very a lot a creationist universe.

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