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May Marvel Be Working on A Spider-Girl Movie

Men's Deadpool Marvel Comics Custom Long Sleeve T ShirtsKevin Smith’s podcasts are starting to change into a reasonably strong supply of insider information concerning the cinematic comedian guide industry. He was, in spite of everything, the one who first hinted at the armored, Frank Miller model Batsuit, which San Diego Comic-Con since proved true. He has a whole lot of eyes and ears in the trade, so even though his newest little bit of speculation is simply that – speculation – it is not onerous to think about he may need info that the remainder of us do not.

Prepared for it
On his final Hollywood Babble-On podcast, Smith brought up the concept Marvel’s latest reboot of Spider-Lady (the controversy the derivative cover created notwithstanding) is to put the groundwork for a future Spider-Woman standalone movie and his logic is smart:

First, Marvel does not decide to put the time and effort into rebooting long-dormant collection flippantly. When it happens, it’s normally because there is a coinciding movie in development (whether or not it’s been introduced to the general public but or not). Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman hasn’t had her personal series because the 1970s. So why get her personal sequence now All of the foremost, progressive changes as of late have been to Marvel characters who already have appeared on display screen, or who we all know will seem on screen earlier than lengthy: Ms./Captain Marvel, Thor, Falcon/Captain America, to name a few.

A couple of weeks ago when Sony announced it had definite plans for a feminine-led spinoff from its Spider-Man universe, most followers speculated it would be about Black Cat. Is sensible as Felicia Hardy already showed up as Harry Osborne’s assistant/enabler in [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593). joker t shirt why so serious problem However lots of people questioned if it would really be Jessica Drew getting her personal film. Is smart: A Spider-Lady for Spider-Man.

Buuuuuut not so fast. Researching the film rights to Spider-Girl takes you down a darkish and twisting rabbit gap more complicated than the entire “How do Fox AND Marvel both own Quicksilver !” headache.

The factor is, most individuals automatically assume she’s a part of Sony’s Spider-Man’s universe as a result of, ya know…Spider. However Jessica Drew was truly a hell of much more carefully associated to the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. all through her varied story arcs, that means she’s honest game for Marvel. Principally, no one’s precisely sure who owns the rights to Spider-Woman’s character.

Is it attainable that Marvel is trying to get the jump on Sony earlier than they develop their own movie a few lady-wallcrawler Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s dearest properties joker t shirt why so serious problem and most iconic character, so perhaps this is Marvel’s approach of a minimum of trying to replicate a few of that on screen. You realize, get a bit of that Spider-branding before Sony puts all of it on lockdown.

One last thought: Spider-Girl would tie in actual good with the entire model-new group of Avengers we now know Captain America will likely be assembling at the top of [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035).

Plus, I imply…

Poll Who should get her personal Marvel movie first
– Spider-Lady!
– Ms. Marvel!
– Black Widow!
– She-Hulk!