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The Military Doesn’t Know What To Do With Its New “Punisher” Gun

A weapon designed to present infantrymen an enormous increase in firepower has come below fireplace from the Pentagon, the place leaders have complained that the Army has failed to truly problem the weapon to troops. The weapon, nicknamed “The Punisher,” allows troopers to engage enemy fighters hiding in cover. The Army insists it needs the weapon, however has not made a remaining resolution on “ultimate distribution.”

Developed by Orbital ATK and Heckler and Koch, the gun’s official moniker is the joker shirt vest and tie XM-25 “Punisher” Counter Defilade Goal Engagement System. The weapons is designed to solve an age-old problem—how to kill enemy joker shirt vest and tie troops taking cowl. The XM-25 calculates the space to an enemy fighter hiding in a doorway, bunker, or behind a row of sandbags and then can fire a 25-millimeter grenade toward the goal. The grenade is programmed to travel past the target and explode in midair, peppering the enemy from behind with lethal shrapnel.

Women's Star Wars Rey Custom Long Sleeve Tee ShirtThe XM-25 could also be a revolutionary weapon system, however the Army has had a tough time figuring out exactly how to use it. Ideally a weapon like this may are available on the squad degree, issued to one out of every 9 grunts. The issue is that doing so removes an M4A1 carbine from the roster of weapons an infantry squad carries and replaces it with a weapon that cannot be used at shut range—the bread and butter of infantry warfare. In 2013, one Military Ranger unit deployed in Afghanistan refused to give up a carbine to make room for a “Punisher.”

The weapon has seen limited use in lively service, and in 2013 a soldier was injured in Afghanistan when the weapon tried to load two grenades directly. The design went again to the manufacturers to improve user safety.

That redesign may be accountable for the truth that between December 2014 and 2017, the price of the weapon somehow more than doubled from the original $41,000 to $ninety three,000. An M4A1 carbine prices the Military about $three,000 with all of the bells and whistles attached. That poses the joker shirt vest and tie obvious question: does the XM-25 provide $90,000 extra capability

It does not help that the weapon itself is weighs 14 pounds unloaded, about twice as much as a carbine, and uses bulky, heavy ammunition. A primary load of the XM-25 and 36 rounds of ammunition weighs 35 pounds—again, double that of a carbine.

Despite price and weight issues the XM-25 has a place someplace within the Military. Exactly where that is, although, not even the Military is aware of.