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First Look Firefly Morena Baccarin Leslie Thompkins Gotham

We have been thrilled to search out out Firefly alum Morena Baccarin could be becoming a member of Fox’s Gotham in a fan-favourite position, however now we’re starting to see teases of her in action!

The episode, titled “Rogues’ Gallery,” is about to joker papers t shirt zone air Monday, January 5. Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive clip from her debut and filled them in a bit on her function.

“I’m a physician. I’m working at Arkham, but we’re not sticking too near the original mythology,” she told them. “We are having her group up with Jim Gordon instead of the Wayne household and Bruce. Finally, who knows—it could go in that course, but it hasn’t yet.”

She also went on to say:
“She gets out [of Arkham] which is absolutely enjoyable and her and Jim sort of pair up and have this actually great relationship. I believe it’s essential. Arkham is a really type of iconic and darkish and crazy world but I don’t think you wish to spend a lot time in there,” she stated. “Jim finds an ally in her, which I feel is essential for him at this level. He’s crushed down by the system and he’s been preventing this one-man operation to make Gotham not as corrupt. I think it’s actually essential that he finds that relationship in Leslie.”

Ok, what I’m reading into this is Jim and Leslie won’t be having a romantic relationship, which I’d admire, but you by no means know. Fingers will remain crossed they do a better job with Barbara within the second half of the season as an alternative of attempting to give Jim one other romance.

Baccarin also described Dr. Thompkins as “Somebody who’s joker papers t shirt zone very no-bullshit, speaks her mind. She’s not pulled in by the craziness, corruption of Gotham.