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Wheelchair Turns Boy With Cerebral Palsy Into Skate Park Superstar

Buzzfeed reports that when Tresa was pregnant with Atticus, she developed a complication referred to as HELLP syndrome, which led her to an early beginning at simply 27 weeks. Because of the early delivery, Atticus weighed only 2 pounds and three ounces when he was born. He soon developed cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder joker for president shirt 2017 that limits muscle strength and coordination, and he wants a wheelchair to get around.

Regardless of Atticus’ love of singing Katy Perry songs on YouTube, the situation has made Atticus a boy of few phrases. So, he like to will get his thrills in another way.

“There has by no means been a roller coaster too fast or a swing too excessive for Atticus,” Jared advised “He will be a little bit daredevil when he needs to be.”

So, when the household caught wind of another rad dad who pushed his son in a wheelchair by way of a skate park, they “dropped everything and loaded up the automobile,” Jared told Right this

After Atticus’ first romp on joker for president shirt 2017 the ramps in early January, he was hooked. The household has been visiting the skate park ever since. So much so, that Tresa instructed CBS that she has since gotten her son some skating gear, including a helmet, to keep him protected.