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‘Supergirl’ (Season 1): Supergirl Vs. Supergirl

The CBS drama Supergirl included a really interesting guest star final night: Laura Vandervoort.
As anybody who watched the long-working WB sequence ‘Smallville’ is aware of all too properly, Vandervoort turned heads on that sequence – that focused on a younger Clark Kent earlier than he took on the mantle of Superman – as Kara Zor-El, Clark’s lovely cousin who quickly enough turned Supergirl.

Men's Desgin fantastic four symbol fill Short Sleeve Tee ShirtIn last night’s episode, though, Vandervoort was enjoying very much towards sort, showing as Indigo, (aka Brainiac eight), a former prisoner on Fort Rozz, who was hell-bent on taking down Nationwide City; john green batman shirt quality and, after all, Indigo was working with Supergirl’s evil Uncle Non, who can also be hell-bent on eradicating planet Earth – can you see a theme creating right here

However earlier than I digress into all of the evil people intent on ruining life on the planet (at least on the planet of Supergirl), let’s discuss Supergirl vs. Supergirl. Okay, so it was truly Indigo vs. Supergirl; however for Television viewers it was the previous.

Since the collection debuted on CBS last fall, we haven’t solely seen actor Dean Cain, who appeared as Clark Kent/Superman in the ABC drama Lois & Clark: The new Adventures of Superman but also actress Helen Slater, who appeared as the unique Supergirl from the 1984 field workplace movie of the identical name. Cain and Slater, after all, played the adoptive mother and father of this new version of Supergirl aka Kara.

And now viewers received to see Vandervoort – albeit in a really totally different position – going up against Supergirl. What did you consider the Indigo vs. Supergirl combat How do you suppose it held as much as different take-downs by this new version of Supergirl

More importantly, do you suppose we will see Indigo make a return performance Certain, [SPOILER ALERT: if you happen to haven’t watched last night’s episode TREAD Calmly!!] she was in items in Non’s super-secret fortress, but on this planet of Supergirl anything is possible, proper There might easily be one other Supergirl vs. Supergirl…er, I mean Indigo vs. Supergirl smack down in the near future.

What did you consider last night’s episode Have been you pleased to see one other former Supergirl make an look on the show What different actors from the former incarnations of the DC world of Superman would you prefer to see on the show Please share your feedback under.

Oh, and before I forget let’s briefly focus on some of the other developments within the present. Siobhan and Winn Did anyone else see that coming Or was I the just one fully floored by that pairing And, how about Lucy breaking up with James Okay, that one made some sense, however I can’t see James and Kara simply instantly starting a relationship out of the ashes, are you able to And, how about Alex coming clear together with her sister about having to kill Astra, Kara’s less-than-scrupulous aunt Bravo! And higher but Kara, for the most half, forgiving her sister and including Hank (aka the Martian Manhunter often known as J’onn J’onzz) of their “family” second. I’d love to listen to your thoughts on these moments too. And, one more thing, how nice was it to see the Fortress of Solitude being included within the episode. How a lot of you assume we’ll see that imposing structure again soon

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