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I’ve been getting a variety of questions about Miss A’s current hair care routine and how her hair has retained a lot size since beginning the blog back in 2009 so I thought I’d do an updated hair care routine post for you all. It has been such an extended journey and a lot trial and error and that i consider I finally know what works for my daughters hair (and my price range!) I hope you find this information helpful!

Vrigin Inidan Remy Lace Closure Straight Hair4*4 Middle Part With Baby Hair Natural Color*Washing & Detangling
I shampoo A’s hair and scalp once per week. I cowash after each swim in the course of the Summer months. I apply small amount of shampoo to the tips of my fingers (about the size of a quarter) and gently therapeutic massage her scalp, working my manner over her hair. I am not too picky relating to shampoo, as long as it’s sulfate free. Under is a small list of shampoos I’ve used.

Now crucial step when it comes to miss A’s curls, detangling! After rinsing the shampoo I apply a very generous quantity of conditioner on soaking wet hair. If her hair isn’t dripping wet I run the handheld shower head over her hair and immediately apply the conditioner as a result of her hair soaks up the water. I like to use an inexpensive drug store conditioner since I take advantage of a lot and it’s solely going to be rinsed out anyway. I look for a creamy conditioner with a lot of slip. I’ve been using V05 conditioner lately and I have to say, it will get the job achieved! See below for photos and more information on how I detangle my daughters hair.

Right here is Miss A’s hair completely wet and loaded up with V05 conditioner. As you can see it’s extremely tangled!

The first step to detangling is to finger detangle! By no means skip this step! I easy my fingers over sections of her hair, in the event that they really feel “lumpy” I’ll give attention to that part and gently pull apart the strands of hair. If the strands of hair (or knots/tangles) are not coming apart simply I will rewet the part, add some more conditioner, and gently attempt to work my method by it. I don’t snap the hair apart, which causes pointless breakage.

After finger detangling I take advantage of a Denman brush beginning on the ends and slowly working my method up simply to be sure the part is totally detangled.

This section is all detangled! You can see the distinction between the detangled part and the part within the back.

After detangled every 2-three inch part I do a large twist so the hair does not tangle again up as I’m detangled the rest.

Once Miss A’s hair is completely detangled I go away the twists in and rinse the conditioner out.
After washing Miss A’s hair I get her dressed and take away each twist/braid, one at a time, and apply a generous amount of Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer to each section from root to tip on wet/damp hair.

After applying Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer to every part I’ll either twist, braid or band every part to stretch it out for styling the subsequent day until I plan on letting her put on her curls out.

Braided or banded after moisturizing: (outdated pics)
Nonetheless not sure what banding is Take a look at our Banding F.A.Q. post!

If I want Miss A to wear her pure curls out I will apply both Kinky Curly Curling Custard or Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer to her wet hair. I rake the product through with my fingers, no shedding brushing by way of. I personally assume the curls look higher using the raking method. Be on the look out for a submit better explaining it!

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How typically How long do types final The right way to care for kinds whereas they’re in Products used and so forth.

I consider protective styling is one in every of the reasons Miss A has retained a lot length through the years. I actually want for her hair to remain in protective styles however with everything going on (Miss A’s epilepsy, Lil Man autism, my weight reduction journey- NikGetsFit, etc) it has been tough getting back into a styling routine.

I like for Miss A’s hair to be styled not less than 2 or 3 weeks of every month. The longer the style lasts, the better.

How lengthy do styles last
Updos – Usually no more than 1 week.
Cornrows – Between 1 and 3 weeks, relying on the type.
Twists – If they are giant, not more than 1 week. If they are small, they can final up to four weeks if jfk costume wig cared for properly.
Single/box braids – Between 2 and 6 weeks, relying on the dimensions.

What is protective styling
Protecting styling merely means styling the hair to guard it from everyday elements. Whether or not it’s being dealt with too typically, combed too much, rubbing in opposition to clothes, and so forth. All of this can result in breakage.

Just a few examples of protecting kinds:
Two Strand Twists with Braided Roots Pulled into High Bun
Click on here for extra data and footage

Small Cornrows into Giant Cornrows
Click on right here for extra information and pictures
Side Swept Two Strand Twists into Side Bun
Click here for extra info and pictures

Look in the fitting side bar under discover posts and click on “protecting styles” for more examples of use the search bar. It’s also possible to try our Fashion Gallery on Facebook.

Caring for hair while kinds are in:
If Miss A is wearing a hair model that will likely be in for some time (resembling mini braids), I continue with our regular washing routine. I will shampoo her scalp once per week and apply conditioner, letting it sit for a couple of minutes earlier than rinsing. Afterwards I will moisturize, focusing on her edges, nape and ends.

Merchandise used for styling:
I nearly all the time use Bee Mine Curly Butter when styling Miss A’s hair in braids, twists and cornrows. When styling hair for twist outs or braid outs I use no matter I’ve available whether or not it be Bee Mine Curly Butter or Curls Whipped Cream. See under for a whole list of merchandise.

What about rubberbands
When styling A’s hair, I attempt not to use types that require rubberbands or something at the bottom of ends to avoid breakage. I can not all the time keep away from rubberbands though so once we do resolve to use them I dip them in Further Virgin Coconut oil and make sure the world I am making use of the rubberband is further moisturize. When using rubberbands I’m cautious to not wrap them too tightly. I avoid retaining rubberbands or ponytail holders in her hair for a protracted period of time. I don’t feel comfortable leaving rubberbands or ponytail holders in her hair more than a few days, typically I’ll go up to every week but that is rare. When I use ponytail holders I solely use Goody Ouchless Cloth covered ones without metal.

nonetheless adding more data.
*Curl Definition
Miss A has been carrying her curls out too much currently and I have been getting so many questions about what merchandise I use and the way I get her curls so defined so I’ll simply give you our primary routine when I’m styling her curls.

I’ve finally came upon the secret to beautiful curl definition- RAKING the product by way of with your fingers into of brushing/combing! Pretty easy, proper

First I have to determine what look we’re going for that day, very outlined elongated curls or big fluffy careless curls

For defined elongated curls: Immediately after washing and detangling Miss A’s hair I apply a very generous amount of Kinky Curly Curling Custard to a 2-3 inch section of her hair. I make sure her hair is soaking wet. If her hair shouldn’t be soaking wet I spray it with the handheld shower head. I run the product by the section of hair with my fingers. I make sure every curl is completely coated with KCCC. I proceed this course of until I am accomplished. Her hair takes a very long time to dry with the Kinky Curly Curling Custard in her hair so I get her dressed and keep a towel on her shoulders for some time. Once her hair is dry (or nearly dry) it seems like this:

For big fluffy care free curls: On wet/damp hair I apply a generous amount of Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer and run my fingers all via Miss A’s fully detangled hair. I rake the moisturizer by with my fingers, fluff a little bit and depart it till it dries. It does not take very long. Afterwards her curls look like this:

will add extra soon
Here is a listing of products I like. There will probably be a star * subsequent to those I should have out there.

Kinky Curly Come Clean
Bee Mine Products Botanical Moisturizing Shampoo
Little Penguins On-line Honey & Vanilla Bean Smoothie
Cara B Naturally Shampoo

Notice: I’m not too choosy in terms of shampoo. As long as it’s sulfate free and doesn’t strip her hair then it is advantageous by me!

– V05 Conditioner (found in local stores for $1)
Bee Mine Avocado Cream Balanced Conditioner
Bee Lovely Every day Moisturizing Conditioner
Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Condiotioner
– will add extra soon

Observe: Since I exploit a lot conditioner, I actually favor to go the cheaper route. I really like among the pricier conditioners but ultimately it does not make sense to my price range so I splurge when i feel prefer it however stick with the basics most of the time.

Deep Conditioner:
Bee Mine Beeutiful Deep Conditioner (I only deep conditioner as soon as a month, if that)
– will add extra quickly

Styling Aides for Curl Definition:
Kinky Curly Curling Custard* (I also like to make use of this to slick down ponytails and baby hair)
Blended Magnificence Down & Out or Glad Nappy Types
– Queen Helene Royal Curl Creme (slightly drying so I favor KCCC)
Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer*

Styling Aides for Hair Kinds (braids, twists, twist outs, etc):
Bee Mine Curly Butter*
Curls Whipped Cream (twist outs/braid outs)
Beija-Flor Naturals Creme Brulee (twist outs/braid outs)
– will add more quickly

Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer
– No others compare for me, sorry!

*Summer time Hair Care
Summer season isn’t variety to overlook A’s hair. Between the chlorine and the sand at the seaside, we’re virtually asking for a disaster! Don’t let the picture idiot you, she not often wears her jfk costume wig hair out when we hit the water.

Swimming Routine:
– Rinse hair with water and apply a gentle go away-in or whatever conditioner I’ve available. Coat the strands of hair with the conditioner and depart it in. Apply additional virgin coconut or olive oil on top of the conditioner (non-obligatory).
– Put the hair up into a excessive ponytail or bun with ends tucked underneath.
– Braids & Cornrows hold up very nicely for Miss A within the water so attempt to include these during many of the Summer months.
– Cowash (washing the hair with conditioner only) after each swim. Depart the conditioner in for not less than 10 minutes before rinsing. Proceed shampooing as soon as every week unless I feel it’s essential to shampoo extra usually.
– Apply Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer to hair. Deal with ends, nape and edges. Seal with Additional Virgin Coconut or Olive Oil.

If sand is concerned I may have her put on a free model and fully wash (shampoo, condition, detangle) her hair as soon as we get residence. We went to the beach in Texas and her hair was in a protecting fashion (cornrows on prime, large two strand twists in the back) and the sand acquired all up in her twists. I don’t like two strand twists at all for the water anyway, they tangle too easily.

We don’t use swim caps. No real reason or clarification, we just don’t.
Do not forget to use sunscreen to your kid’s scalp if they are sporting a mode that exhibits lots of their scalp equivalent to cornrows. Just apply a bit of sunscreen to the q-tip and apply on to the scalp in each half. We don’t desire our infants to have a sunburned scalp! No bueno.

Shall be adding a bit extra info soon! Thanks for stopping by!
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More hair photos:
Curls with Bee Mine Luscious Moisturizer

Nonetheless UPDATING. Please proceed to test back!

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