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After The Defeat Of The Empire

Manipulating others.
Instructing his brother within the methods of the Sith.
Assemble a powerful army of crime lords and gangsters in order to overthrow the Duchess Satine and seize control over Mandalore (succeeded).
Destroy the Jedi Order and the Empire and kill both Obi-Wan Kenobi and his friends in order to gain revenge on them and rework Ezra Bridger into his new apprentice (all failed).

Darth Maul, later often known as Maul, is a serious recurring antagonist within the Star Wars franchise. He was a Sith warrior and the primary apprentice of Emperor Palpatine previous to the Battle of Naboo and his abandoment by his former master. A Zabrak male, Maul later resurged through the Clone Wars and saught revenge in opposition to all who had wronged him turning to a life of crime and terorrism and plunged a lot of the galaxy into worry and chaos in the process.

Maul first appeared as the secondary antagonist of The Phantom Menace, the primary movie of the prequel trilogy. He was later considered one of the principle recurring antagonists of the 2008-2014 television collection Star Wars: The Clone Wars: serving as the final antagonist in Season four and as one in every of the principle antagonists of Season 5. He also appeared as a recurring antagonist in the brand new collection Star Wars: Rebels showing as one in all the 2 most important antagonists of the 2-half Season 2 finale (along with Darth Vader), and a major antagonist in Season 3.

In the Phantom Menace, he was portrayed by Ray Park, who also played Toad and Snake Eyes. In his Television appearances, he was voiced by Sam Witwer, who also played Galen Marek/Starkiller in the Pressure Unleashed.

Early Life and Coaching (Legends)
Maul in his young ages.

Maul training below Sidious.
Because the Zabrak was trained, he by no means knew anything about his grasp apart from his title, not that he was a Dark Lord of the Sith. Maul’s coaching was hard, with him receiving harsh punishment for any mistake or act of mercy. On one occasion, the Zabrak was brought to an icy planet for his train, where he ran up and down a mountain with great skill. However instead of being praised, Maul was tossed into an enormous, freezing lake by Sidious, who watched and ignored his cries for assist. Finally, he realized to turn his concern into rage, utilizing this to offer him the vitality to swim to shore. When he turned 10, Maul was sent to the Orsis Academy to be skilled as an assassin, ordered by Sidious not to use any Power talents outdoors of his enhanced senses.

Upon arriving at Orsis, the Sith Lord pretended to be a blind businessman, eager to make Maul his future bodyguard. Trezza, the headmaster of the Academy who may establish Pressure users, showed Maul round. Upon being introduced to the other college students, the Zabrak challenged Dalok, a prime student, to a battle and brutally gained, even biting Dalok on the nostril. After around three years, Maul befriended Kilindi Matako, who confirmed him nice compassion for the primary time in his life and informed him the right way to struggle some of Trezza’s chargwrecks, which he would quickly combat. Maul then lied to Trezza about how he’d managed it. Two years later, the Zabrak gained a rivalry with Fretch and Hubnutz, a pair of Rodians, throughout a sniping class.

Afterwards, Maul and Kilindi had been put underneath the tutelage of Meltch Krakko, a Mandalorian Jedi hunter. In the course of the training, the Zabrak was forced to continually be hit with blaster photographs to keep away from being suspected of being a Force-consumer. Later, Maul was being prepared for the Orsis’ rite of passage with Fretch and Hubnutz underneath Krakko. At first, he tried to win their respect, however determined that they were attempting to kill him. Enraged, Maul forgot Sidious’ orders and attacked Krakko and the Rodians by launching himself by way of the air with the Drive. He wounded Fretch and Hubnutz, before trying to tear Krakko to shreds, solely to be stopped by Trezza. Sidious was enraged at Maul’s failure to follow his commands, but stated that it was not totally his fault as the darkish aspect might push the Sith to use their skills at inopportune occasions.

Maul asked how lengthy it will take for him to control these impulses and what the plan was now. Sidious stated he might make the Zabrak his apprentice eventually, earlier than giving him a lightsaber, igniting his own, and sparring and wounding with him. Soon afterwards, Maul was ordered by Sidious to destroy the Orsis Academy and everyone in it, which he did. Quickly the entire teachers and cadets were lifeless, together with Kilindi. By 17, Maul was a being of hatred, loyal to his master and with a sense of honor in direction of worthy opponents.

Nevertheless, the time got here for his ultimate check, the place Maul was left on the isolated planet of Hypori, forced to outlive and be hunted by assassin droids. After a month, Sidious returned to problem the Zabrak to a duel and Maul shortly lost in his weakened state. The Sith Lord informed him that he’d misplaced and that he’d been training a replacement apprentice. Enraged, Maul attacked Sidious, biting his hand and spitting the blood into his face, before getting ready himself to die. Nonetheless, the Sith Lord didn’t kill the Zabrak, revealing that he’d handed his final test by displaying the desire to kill his master and there hadn’t been any other apprentice. Sidious named his apprentice Darth Maul, Sith Lord, and brought him to Coruscant for medical attention.

Missions for Darth Sidious (Legends)
Maul creating his double bladed lightsaber.

When he challenged Manka for a second time, Maul kept the second blade hidden at first, but when he was disarmed, he caught his lightsaber and rushed Manka, pressing the other end against the Jedi’s back and activated it, impaling him. On one other mission, Maul went to Chryya in order to make the spice merchants there signal an settlement with the Commerce Federation. While things went effectively at first, one service provider formed a protest, which led to a rebellion that destroyed all the spices. Not capable of take on your entire population of Chryya, Maul was pressured to tell Sidious he had failed, incomes him a drive choke till he was unconscious. Later, throughout the Yinchorri uprising instigated by Plagueis and Sidious, Maul was sent to secure Vilmarh “Villie” Grahk, a petty smuggler who could be useful in instigating the crisis.

Maul watching the Yinchorri attack the Jedi
As the Yinchorri attacked the Jedi Temple, Maul, having needed to assault it himself, joined in on the attack. He then received an order from Sidious to deliver Grahrk to him and he did so, though he requested his grasp to rethink putting him in command of the Yinchorri. Sidious agreed with Maul, as leaving it to Grahrk was a poor choice, however advised him to wait and bide his time, since they’d to make sure their underlings had been truly underneath their management. Secretly, Sidious was observing Maul, watching his satisfaction and need to show himself grow. A lot later, Maul was sent to Dorvalla to unite the Lommite Limited and InterGalactic Ore corporations so the Commerce Federation might management all the ore shipments. Maul arrive as they have been fighting the Toom clan, killing the survivors of the battle, and resulting in the two company leaders joining together.

Quickly afterwards, Maul was ordered to throw the Black Sun group into chaos by killing its leaders so Sidious might use it for his own goals.

Maul bringing down the Black Solar.
Maul’s ideas killing one of the bodyguards.

Nevertheless, he noticed only images of horror and darkness, killing him instantly and Maul headed into the grand chamber of the Black Sun leaders, slaying them all. Later, Maul was despatched to deal with Silus, a Drive-delicate Drovian, whom Sidious stated was a threat to their plans. Maul found him and confirmed him a holo-message of Sidious providing Silus to chance to change Maul as his apprentice if he might defeat him. The two battled each other and Maul was pressured to fight without his lightsaber because of a nullifier discipline across the area they have been in.

Maul killing Silus.
Maul dueling with Assant.

The Corellian adopted him to the space station he was sleeping on and found himself with a possibility to shoot him. Solely able to fireplace one kill shot or three stun shots from his blaster and fearful about lacking, Pavan tried taking pictures Maul with a stun shot, before taking his lightsaber to kill him. Nonetheless the shot did not have an effect on the Sith Lord and he reduce off the Corellian’s hand, before chasing him until he escaped. Maul lastly managed to ambush Pavan outside his lodge room, granting him a fast demise for his potential to survive.

Early Life (canon)
Young Maul earlier than becoming a Sith.

For years, Maul was skilled to change into a weapon of the Sith. He became an acrobatic warrior, one educated to be relentless towards his enemies, jack nicholson joker shirt printing and realized to use a dual-bladedlightsaber. His Sith coaching made Maul lengthy for revenge against the Jedi Order, which had defeated the Sith a millennium earlier. With his master, Maul hoped to destroy the Jedi and restore the Sith to galactic power.

The Phantom Menace
Maul dueling Qui-Gon.

Maul killing Qui-Gon.
Maul’s defeat within the Phantom Menace.

The Clone Wars
Maul during his isolation on Lotho Minor.

Reunion with a Brother and Quest for Revenge
Maul revealing himself to Obi-Wan.

Nonetheless Savage Opress was eventually guided to Maul, who attacked him and at first, the fallen Sith Lord did not acknowledge him, not knowing of his having a brother. When Opress showed him a talisman from the Nightsister witch Mother Talzin, Maul started to regain a few of his reminiscences. He was delivered to Dathomir and handled by Talzin, who restored his mind to normal and made his spider-like substitute legs extra humanoid. Maul awoke and felt the Force was out of steadiness, earlier than Opress told him of the Clone Wars. The Sith Lord expressed his regret that the warfare had began without him and informed his brother of his life and his hatred for Obi-Wan. Opress gave Maul a half of his severed lightsaber and he stated they’d “start” with vengeance.

Maul preventing Obi-Wan for the second time.
Maul and Opress engaged them and Obi-Wan and Ventress managed to escape, but Maul mentioned he might wait somewhat longer for his revenge as a result of he had already waited for a decade. Opress said that the Jedi would quickly be pursuing them, however the Sith Lord said he was counting on that truth. Maul and Opress went to Yellow Blade’s Touchdown, the place they went to a cantina filled with thugs, which the Sith Lord tried to recruit. When they refused, the brothers slaughtered all of the cantina patrons, after Maul reminded Opress that to outlive by hiding, they wanted to verify there have been no witnesses.

Terrorizing the Galaxy
Maul and Opress preventing the Jedi.

Maul and Opress with Demise Watch.
Maul take power over Mandalore.

Dealing with his Outdated Master
Maul and Opress preventing Sidious.

After Kenobi received the message, jack nicholson joker shirt printing even supposing Mandalore was neutral, borrowed a ship known as the Twilight, and traveled to Mandalore to rescue the Duchess. Disguised as a Mandalorian Super Commando, Kenobi managed to free Satine from her cell and bring her aboard the ship, but the pursuing commandos fatally broken and destroyed the Twilight. Having narrowly escaped the crash, Kenobi and Kryze had been taken into custody by Maul and Savage. At his mercy, Kenobi tried to motive with Maul, understanding that the choice to join the Dark Aspect was made by the Nightsisters, not himself. Nonetheless, this solely fueled Maul’s anger. In an act on vengeance on Kenobi, he forced him to witness Satine’s homicide by stabbing her with the Darksaber, and left him in a cell to rot in his anguish.

Quickly afterwards, Darth Sidious arrived to confront Maul, having learned of what his former apprentice had been as much as after his actions on Florrum. Sidious engaged Maul and Opress, who briefly managed to achieve the advantage until Sidious managed to finally beat them, killing Opress and blasting Maul with Pressure lightning, however the Darkish Lord said that he would not kill Maul, suggesting that there were other uses for him. As revealed within the comics following the occasions of the Clone Wars, Maul finally escaped Sidious’ clutches with aid from his Mandalorian loyalists. Maul’s forces on the Mandalorian Death Watch were finally overrun by General Grievous, and Maul was compelled to retreat. Maul jack nicholson joker shirt printing then sought Mother Talzin’s help. Talzin instructed Maul to lift an army from the Shadow collective and his old clan; the Nightbrothers. Although his use of deceit and trickery, Maul efficiently captured Normal Grievous and Depend Dooku. Maul then tempted Dooku into joining him in opposition to Sidious, hoping to lure him to Mom Talzin on Dathomir. Upon reaching Dathomir, Maul and Talzin tried to sacrifice Dooku so that Talzin (who revealed herself to be Maul’s biological mom) could return to physical kind (as her earlier kind had been destroyed by Mace Windu). Nevertheless, the arrival of Sidious and Grievous halted their plans and after a duel in which Talzin sacrificed herself to allow Maul to flee, Maul fled, his plans in ruins, his military destroyed and in Sidious’ eyes, not a risk or a Sith Lord.

Season Four

Season Five
Shades of Cause
The Lawless

Maul nonetheless alive in the course of the reign of the empire.

Maul’s Return
Years later, after Palpatine has taken over the galaxy, Maul is discovered stuck on the historical planet Malachor by a boy named Erza Bridger, where it’s revealed that he gave up the title of Darth, but he still draws his powers from the Darkish Side.

When rebels landed on Malachor to find a method to defeat the Sith, Maul meet Ezra Bridger which had been separated from his buddies. Ezra and Maul they find a Sith Holocron which served as the key to each the Sith temple of Malachor and as well as realizing the Sith. Later, after finding the buddies Jedi of Ezra. Maul betrayed the Jedi, saying that they (each the Sith and the Jedi) are his enemis and has managed to flee Malachor for ever.

Terrorizing Erza and his Buddies
Months later, Maul resurfaced. Managing to board a Hammerhead corvette, Maul interrogated one of the rebels onboard, forcing him to reveal the situation of the rebel freighter, and Ezra Bridger’s house, the Ghost. Shortly after, Bridger and Kanan Jarrus arrived at the transport and realized of the assault. Believing it to be the work of an Inquisitor, the pair contacted Hera Syndulla, the Ghost’s pilot, and discovered that Maul had taken her and the rest of the crew hostage. In change for his or her friends lives, Maul demanded the Jedi give him both the Sith holocron and the Jedi holocron, to which they agreed.

While Jarrus and Bridger returned to the planet Atollon to retrieve the Sith holocron, Maul softly demanded Syndulla give him a “tour” around the Ghost, prompting Sabine Wren to implore her not to, to which Maul replied she should belief him, for he did once rule her individuals. Surveying each living quarter, Maul recognized Jarrus’ because the dull and dour one, befitting of a Jedi. Instructing Syndulla to reveal the situation of the Jedi holocron, the Twi’lek told Maul that she didn’t know something about Jarrus. Understanding this to be a lie, Maul probed her mind with the Pressure, and learned that it was Syndulla’s concept to recruit Bridger, and that the boy once stole the holocron, which was being held in a compartment under Jarrus’ bed.

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Whereas Maul struggled to open the holocron, the Ghost’s crew took the chance to escape. Managing to make use of their restraints to destroy the reprogrammed tour guide droids guarding them, the rebels quietly moved right down to the cargo hold, planning to magnetize it in order to immobilize Maul’s robotic legs. Discovering their absence, Maul went searching for the rebels and ultimately made his option to the cargo hold. Seconds later, the rebel crew’s astromech droid, C1-10P, activated the magnets, causing Maul’s legs to adhere to the vessel’s ceiling. The remainder of the rebels promptly rushed into the cargo hold and began firing at him, however Maul managed to deflect one of the bolts into the management interface, deactivating the magnets. Knocking the crew down with the Drive, Maul grew to become offended, threatening the rebels with loss of life once their usefulness was over